Walkthrough Call Of Cthulhu Walkthrough: All Puzzles, Medicine Books, Occult Items And Diaries

At the beginning of the prologue, you won’t have a lot of options. Continue along the hallway until you reach the entrance, secured by an iron chain. Go down the stairs and find the left fork. Look for the light of the lantern until you take it. On the other side, behind the inside of a wooden crate, will see the bolt cutter. Take it and continue your trek into the dark. Finally, utilize the tool you obtained and break the chain of the next door that is barred and blocks your path so far.

Pierce Investigation Agency

Then follow the corridor until you arrive at the door at its close. Then, a short sequence will follow, and, in the end, you’ll find yourself at your desk. Spend some time looking at the surroundings and becoming familiar with the inventory and the controls. In the opposite filing cabinet, a file is placed within your account beneath Knowledge under the “Case Closed” item “Case Closing” item. The same as it is the “Case Solved” file within the cabinet located across from the desk. But the primary thing is to remove the diary from the desk itself. This will give you new information regarding your character. Also, you’ll discover sleeping pills on the couch.

When the phone rings, answer it and give your points for character. Be careful when you answer the phone because the orientation of your surface will determine how you will complete puzzles and advance through the games. Once you’ve finished this, find Stephen Webster and get the story moving. If you’re in charge of examining the photograph of the deceased woman, first go through the files at the desk of the office as well as the file on Sarah Hawkins. Sarah Hawkins case, so to say. Next, check your diary to find out more details.

Take a look at the picture. Based on the distribution of points in your character, you’ll be able to see this girl. Webster wanted to send an email. Speak to him about it before moving to other subjects. If you want to discuss the fact that something’s wrong, you should, at a minimum, use the investigative skills of an expert. You will be able to uncover the mystery behind the circumstances surrounding her husband. Did you know everything? Needs to find out the details about Warehouse 36.
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If it been the case that Mr. Webster left your office in the past, you might be able to go to Darkwater. However, this isn’t ideal since you’ll need all the information you can find to play this game. Therefore, look around the room, along the shelf directly opposite the table, to find the book “Atlas of Atlantic Island.” Additionally, pick up an edition of “Introduction to Medical Science, Volume 1,” which you can locate on the right side of the chair near the door to the entryway. This compilation of medical knowledge improves Pierce’s medical understanding by one degree.

Chapter 2: Port of Darkwater

After you’ve entered the waters surrounding Darkwater, there’s little to do at the beginning. Be aware of the events and the conversations that James Fitzroy is before you can begin to explore the location in the first place. You now have several options to pursue the chapter. You’ll have to visit the docks in Darkwater, the bar, and talk to Bradley and Fitzroy for the first one. Begin your exploration by going to the left of the ports, where a small number of residents gather in front of a whale that has died. Officer Bradley attempts to settle the crowd.

With a score of two, at least 2 in Medical Science, you can look over an animal that has died and see that the animal hasn’t been dead for a long time. For more details, you will need to be in line with an experienced. After passing the exam, speak with the police officer. You aren’t likely to learn anything; however, should you choose to take his side and say you think the fisherman is agitated over nothing, the policeman will be impressed and tell you that you shouldn’t go close enough to the store you’re looking for. to the Stranded Whale
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Since there’s nothing to explore within the area, your route will take you straight to the bar, where you’ll soon be in problems. The next time you speak to the barman, it’s no use to try to sound the level of understanding and sophistication. If you wish to be admired here, it is essential to be similar to the islanders. If you’ve not altered your strength level, make use of it and also make a move to frighten the barman. After that, you can speak to Barman regarding Darkwater.

Speak to Fitzroy

Have you sat and looked around inside the pub “To the Stranded Whale”? Then, you just need to go to Fitzroy. In his trade office, you will find some updated information, and within the room, on the desk, is the volume “Introduction to Medical Science volume 2”. Next, take the manifests for cargo that are on another table. Once you’ve inspected these, follow old Fitzroy and speak to him.

Alongside the sources mentioned above, you could speak to the old captain about the whale that was stranded on the beach (you must have looked it over to be able to do this) as well as about the incredible catch (Provided you’ve been able to read about it in the pub). Another helpful piece of information you could use in the conversation is your knowledge of the finalization of whaling (learned from the book at the detective agency you work for) and that The Hawkins family owns the warehouse. After the discussion, you’re ready to go to the building itself.

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