Walkthrough Borderlands 3 Walkthrough: Guide For All Missions, Collectibles & Crew Challenges

The first mission of Borderlands 3 is as easy as almost every other shooter. Therefore, consider the initial task less of a test as it is more of a chance to learn the controls. Through the initial mission, you’ll be able to master the primary elements of the game and will have ample time to master the different features of the series predecessors.

Purchase the Echo gadget from Claptrap and enter it into the quick-change station. Follow the little robot to unlock the gate by pressing the lever marked. The level of difficulty remains equally challenging. Follow Claptrap until you’ve acquired your first weapon and that cable bundle and scraps have become entangled with local bandits.

Once you’ve completed that, you’re free to do anything other than go through the initial level 1 KDKs and hit the most headshots and crucial shots you can. Follow Claptrap through the vast area, and then interact on the treasure chest on top of the containers to get the first of your shields. The fights aren’t challenging at the moment, but should you have any issues make use of the cover and be free to walk away just a few feet.

Locate Shiv

After you have completed your first shield within a few seconds, the doors to the building will be opened, and you’ll be able to take on the leader of the bandits, Shiv. Shiv isn’t much danger, but if you get into problems, it’s advisable to follow a few hints. First, stay away and be aware that Shiv can be attacked at a distance that could cause minimal damage. Keep an eye out for his knives thrown at him and then use the barrel right on the spot along with the transformer to cause the damage over time, Shiv.

After negotiating with the bandit’s boss, search for the new marker, release Claptrap, and help him get back on his feet. After that, Lilith will show up and bring the quest to a close. Contact her, then “Children of the Chamber” will close and smoothly shift to “From to the Top.”

In our walkthrough, you’ll discover all collectibles that can be redeemed: Claptrap units, hunting trophies for Sir Hammerlock and Catch-A-Ride vehicles, and more. Because your character can acquire a new ability from this point on, you may consider looking at our tips and recommendations for your classes.

From the bottom up

The direct sequel follows “Children of the Chamber” and, consequently, it is the main objective of “Borderlands 3”. After speaking with Lilith, follow her back to Shiv’s cave and wait for the story to unfold. You must leave this area of Pandora and go into “The Wasteland” through a map switch which will move the mission onto the next phase. You now have to track down the Sunkloppers and their chief Vaughn. This last name may be familiar to those who have read “Tales of The Borderlands.”

Tips: Although there’s nothing to get right now, In general, you should always be looking for lockers, chests as well as other storage containers. They’re not just packed with healing and ammo, but depending on luck, excellent weapons shields, mods, and shields for weapons like grenades. The fixed loot and collectibles found in Borderlands 3 have been uncovered through this walkthrough and an additional list. Check them out whenever you have the chance If you require assistance.

Locate the boss of Sunklopper.

Before heading out in search of Vaughn, keep your eyes on the northern part of the new base to find the first side mission, “Strong connections.” The optional task is to go to the broken vending machine and then search for a spine for Marcus. This can be related to the main goal because the chance to save a human’s spine could be carried out in the exact location where the Sunkloppers live.

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Follow the direction of the marker towards the north, and there you will find the entry point to the camp, the Sonnenklopper. Several bandits are a threat to you. However, you are still looking for mighty opponents without success. Make use of scraps and covers for containers, and frequently practice your skills; then, fans will soon be watching the blossoms below begin to grow. Make sure the bandits aren’t able to grab grip on you, and don’t feel reluctant to drop back a few feet should you have to.

To get to Vaughn, You’ll need to eliminate all fanatics and bandits on the site. Also, you’ll need to climb up the structure of steps and containers. This is where, naturally, the use of a melee weapon is advised, like the standard shotgun. Take your time climbing the stairs and shoot anyone who stands in your way. But there shouldn’t be individuals who could cause danger to you.

Are you done with all enemies in the area? After that, take the markers towards Vaughn and free Vaughn. For this, shoot the chain he’s stuck on. Then, follow the former bandit’s commander back into his Crimson Raider camp, and, if it is already implemented, you can turn into the side mission “Strong Connections” when you return. When you reach Lilith, the task is over with “Cult Status” starts.

Then follow the direction of the marker towards the north, where you’ll find the entrance to the camp, the Sonnenklopper. There are a lot of bandits that will be in your way. However, you’re seeking out the most potent opponents but in vain. Utilize the scrap cover containers and frequently use your expertise, and then the fanatics will be watching the blooms from below. Make sure the bandits aren’t shouting at you. If they do, you have to, don’t be afraid to retreat just a few feet.

Status as a cult

The third central mission of Borderlands 3 and the direct sequel of From the Ground Up. Once you’ve rescued Vaughn and taken Vaughn to the Crimson Raiders, you’ll learn that the map has been moving towards the station. Unfortunately, it’s situated further to the north, and you’ll need an automobile if you want to. In addition, as of now, you’ll be able to accept more assignments. Look for Claptrap to the North, and give him your assistance.

In both the main and the secondary mission, I need a pure vehicle, and I’m now looking for some distance to the east of Ellie at her garage. Then, you’ll be able to steal a car belonging to the local bandits, known as an Outrunner. Next, you must follow the route towards the east and then over the junkyard. There are bound to be some bandits who may get in your way, but the most potent enemies should not be around.

Tip: At the spot where you first encountered Ellie, You can take a note of an echo log “Closer.” Find it near its pink trailer.

Stole one vehicle

If you have reached the track with the brand new track marker could undoubtedly take the car that was located on the way. However, he simply climbs up and is rushed. To accomplish this task on your own, getting a vehicle currently in use is recommended. To do this, walk up to the cart you want to use and press the display button to operate the car yourself, then toss the thief into the sand.

There is also another dead Claptrap unit within the area. It’s the first unit you’ll see within Borderlands 3 that belongs to the crew challenge that corresponds to it. If you’re interested, go to the nearby hut where you’ll find the Echo record from Blood Bucket. Once you’ve finished, you can go to the closest Catch-A-Ride station to get the Outrunner scan and continuously recall the Outrunner.
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In the next step, you’ll have the opportunity to undertake new side missions, and two of them will take you in the same direction as the primary mission. There will be the quest “Under Taker,” which you can accept just at the north end of the ramp, and that you’ll have to pass as part of the mission side “Bad Reception” and “Golden Thighs” that will also take into the local radio station in which you must get some posters from Vaughn. In addition, at Ellie, you’ll also be able to get “Shit to Dumptruck.”

The Sacred Broadcasting Station

Once you’re prepared, head towards the north, switch to the map and change in the direction of “Cliff of Ascent.” Also, there will be Typhon logs to be found, a KDK television tower, an outrunner with a lot of power, and more. Go through our walkthrough of “Borderlands 3” to see all locations identified. The path you are on will take you to the northeast region, and you’ll be required to shoot through a couple of KDK supporters. Then, follow the sacrificial route until it reaches its conclusion, from where you will be able to enter the station you’re looking for.

You will encounter a plethora of fans. Also, pay attention to the massive boxes that constantly line the way. They are charged up with color and may cause harm when they are discharged, which is something you may want to stay clear of. In addition, these speakers offer a glimpse of the final battle that awaits on the other side of your tubular route. Be sure to buy new ammunition and grenades before getting to the point.

Fighting against Mouthpiece

The boss fight itself is pretty straightforward; however, when you aren’t aware of the situation around you, the encounter could be quite intimidating and sometimes lead to the death of a killer. So the first thing to do is look at the lines across the floor, indicating that you’re charging the speakers surrounding the whole arena. If the lines glow, all those within that line will suffer harm when the speakers are discharged.

If you find your lights turning up and music becoming louder, immediately leave that section in your room. This is also true in the middle of the room, where the Mouthpiece remains. The middle area is also charged and become could be a death trap. Be sure to stay away from the site and get out as soon as the cables around the area begin to glow. The acolytes may be generally neglected and serve the primary purpose of being easy prey should you happen to fall.

In the end, you must be aware of two points. First, aim for Mouthpiece’s head whenever you see him lower the shield to inflict serious harm. Keep an eye out in the final moments because Mouthpiece eliminates all Acolytes, and you’ll have the chance to gain new power. From now on, the speaker’s attacks always apply to the entire exterior or interior instead of only a quarter of the space.

The simplest method to defeat the Mouthpiece is to shift between the outer and the inner arena areas continuously. Then, after you’ve laid the opponent down, pick up the map and leave the arena by taking the markers that have been updated. When you go, make sure you accept the mission “Headache,” in which you’ll be able to rescue an old acquaintance of Vaughn. Return to Lilith, and the task will smoothly switch to “Make an Exit.”

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