Walkthrough Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Walkthrough With Map For All Bosses, Quests And Shards

Introduction, Tips and tricks

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a game that has an RPG-like design. This is why the basic rules from an RPG can be used to play the game.

To earn experience points, going for the most direct route to the head moth isn’t very efficient. Particularly early in the game, your principal character Miriam is quite fragile on the chest. Make sure to remove enemies that can earn you points for experience carefully. A couple of sessions of “grinding” will never hurt. It will help you get level-ups quickly and increase your strength for defense and attack.

Always have plenty of potions of every kind

Alongside the regular potions to heal (which are available in different sizes and effectiveness), There will always be potions to combat petrification or curses that deprive you of half of your vitality and against poisoning, which gradually reduces your life. In all of these cases, there’s an appropriate remedy. Bring at minimum three bottles from each type along. Additionally, a couple of bottles of ether will not harm you. Finally, mana roses can be found in every corner, and replenishing a boss’s mana by wiping it clean is often worth the price of gold.

Grinders shards

Shards are the magical remains of an opponent that give their unique ability to Miriam. The majority of the enemies that enter the castle carry the shard. However, an enemy can take a long time to give over its shard. In this case, you’ll need to take on the same opponent and hope for luck repeatedly. It all depends on the importance of the game. Specific shards are obtained after just a couple of monster deaths since the shard is vital to progress. Some shards, on the contrary, are helpful in Miriam; however, they are kept from view.

Always carry at minimum three away stones

Waystones are teleportation stones that bring you back to the game’s shop and crafting area. In general, one should suffice. Waystones can be purchased in the stores for a small amount (100g). Carrying multiple-way stones comes with its benefits, however. On the one hand, some NPCs may require a waystone, but on the other hand, you always have one on hand, even if you forget to purchase the way stone. There’s nothing more irritating than going to the shop (because the antidotes or potions are unavailable); however, not having a way stone and then having to walk to the store. Particularly before boss enemies.

Make use of the Shard “reception committee.”

The shard reception team you get from a particular kind of enemy. It is a mural that appears to become alive and move all around. If one of the murals lets go of its shards and you are suddenly on an enormous edge in playing due to it being a shard. The reception Committee is a shield that protects you from moving paintings. They can stop attacks, but they could also serve as weapons. This shard can save you from numerous problems and moments of dismay if you activate it repeatedly. Therefore, starting it every time you enter a brand new area is recommended.

Make the ingredients for cooking in the crafting area

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In the course of your adventure, you’ll find a variety of cooking supplies or buy them from the market. Bring these ingredients to Alex in the craft room and ask him to cook tasty meals. These are fantastic resources for your vitality should you have to run out of healing potion

Make the most important crystals in the crafting area

Shards can be improved. The most common method is to add a particular substance, like wood, a gem, isopropyl tincture, and others. Alex knows the formulas. Use this opportunity to make your most valuable shards as robust as possible.

Always choose the right “familiar.”

The familiars are tiny sidekicks you can activate using unique shards. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the sidekicks before they become effective. They do this by two methods. First, they have their own levels, including experience points. Therefore, they’ll become more powerful as the game progresses when you play frequently. The second option is to improve their shards within the crafting room if you have the proper ingredient. But, as there are various types of familiars available, you can choose the best one to use. Some are focused on attacking, others assist you in finding ways to solve mysteries, while others instantly heal Miriam with specific items in your inventory.

Applies different weapon profiles

When you discover white shards (which aren’t found by enemies but rather are scattered throughout the castle), you will be able to access several combat profiles or shortcuts within the game. You can assign different armor combinations, weapons, and shards according to your preferences. For instance, you could have a profile that has a short gun and one that has a mighty but slow broadsword. The combination of button presses and analog stick direction lets you quickly change between these equipment items. But only if you make profiles, so make sure you take your time.

Keep track of your savings every time you can

The Bloody: Ritual Of The Night employs an old-fashioned manually-controlled save mechanism. Saving takes place exclusively in rooms decorated with red and an enormous sofa. This is also where your power levels are replenished. There are no reset points, regardless of whether you’ve played for two hours in a row and killed a few bosses. If you get killed along the way, the game will always return to the last time you sat on sofas. This means that you won’t be able to perform this often enough.

Notes on the difficulty

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night was designed for older-school Castlevania enthusiasts. It is, therefore, devoid of some of the modern convenience features modern Metroidvanias offer.

There are no reset points, and there is no way to revive yourself immediately after death. It is, therefore, necessary to save regularly. Additionally, traveling through the castle could be difficult if you aren’t sure which way to take. Finally, the game’s most essential elements are scattered throughout the court, so it is sometimes necessary to figure out how to use the new power to get around. So, take note of the locations within the game which are distinctive.

The beginning can be more complex than the latter portion of the game since your character grows stronger as time passes and acquires better equipment. Therefore, particularly in the beginning, it’s not advised to run out and attack your opponent like a maniac. Instead, be respectful of your enemies, pay attention to their actions, and respond appropriately. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary deaths.

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We’d like to share with you some critical advice: Read all books! Always, always! There are bookshelves all over the castle. Place yourself with Miriam on the front of the shelves and press to remove a book from the stands. Some books are filled with information on the game’s history, while others provide specific maneuvers that can be performed with specific equipment and weapons. They can be very crucial. That’s why we read all the books, even though it might sometimes be a bit irritating.

Binding shards, items and binding shards

Eliminate the notion of simply playing the game. If you’re not speedrunning, you’ll be spending a lot of time grinding your enemies – that is, you’ll kill the same enemy repeatedly to get their shards or secure an item from them.

Shards are the power of demons that grant Miriam the ability to perform special feats; sometimes, it’s just summoning a monster to fight with you. But, shards that will be that last are more valuable. In the end, we will break down the shards that competitors bring.

While some enemies dump their riches in a matter of minutes, You may have killed an adversary 50 times and still come to no treasure. The virtue of patience is. It pays off because persistent monsters can often recover valuable shards and other items.

There is a different alternative. Certain rare items aren’t worth the effort in the present game, but they’re a status symbol. For instance, take a look at the foe Nyabon. The giant cat rarely releases a set of cat ears. The rate of success for this is just about 6%.

For you to play with 100% success, You must be able to locate every shard and item. It’s not required to play the game. We’ll guide you to some unique monsters in this method that will produce something of value.


The monsters featured in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night are all affected by a resistance system that tells you which kind of attacks the creature is especially susceptible to. At first glance, the symbolisms aren’t necessarily visible, but we’ve broken them down by displaying this image

Remember these facts, particularly for larger chunks, and use the right weapon or spell. All your floats utilize these symbols to degrade their strength. White numbers indicate positive values, and red numbers indicate negative values.

Miriam can also help to boost resistance. This is usually done through armor-related items. Some decrease the chance of being petrified and some that guard against poison. Thus, your equipment’s only defensive and attack capabilities shouldn’t be the sole determinant of their value.

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