Walkthrough Battlefield V Walkthrough: Singleplayer Walkthrough And All Letters Locations

It’s time to return to conflict! “Under no flag” is the first game, also known as a war narrative, that is part of the single-player mode of Battlefield V. In this stage, there are nine letters, or collectibles to discover and 12 challenges for you to conquer. In this part that goes through to the combat against the Stukas, There are three letters you need to locate and three challenges you must complete.

All letters:

Border Crossing

After you’ve become familiar with the difficulties of this mission and have returned to the controls, Follow Mason through the building and up the hill. Follow your team until you get to the observation point. Then, utilize the binoculars to look around the enemy’s camp, mark the enemy’s positions, look at possibilities of entry points, and listen for Mason’s comments. After you’ve viewed all the possible entrances, it will prompt you to take down the binoculars.

Once you’re in control, continue moving forward, take your Commando Carbine at the weapons crate just ahead of you, and then move in behind the soldier who is in the way to kill him using an uninvolved attack. The best way to remain unnoticed is to move to the right. Follow the road toward the main camp, then sneak through the rubble towards the south/east. You can sneak away to avoid being observed by soldiers to the west as they watch.

Continue towards the east, and you’ll find one small hill and the ZH-29 sniper rifle. It is a weapon you can use if you want to kill a few people. If you wish to stay hidden, head to the east along the slope, and get around the two guards at the post by stepping slightly to the north of the side. Then, from the banks of the river, go to the northwest until you see the enemy armored vehicle, head to the northeast, into the mountains, and continue to crouch there.

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Find a secured hangar

From the rocky region with the ruins of the north in front of you, you walk west until you reach the eastern end of camp. This is a narrow pathway that directs you to the infantry’s tents. It allows you to walk into the area without being noticed. Be extra cautious here, so you don’t get caught by any security personnel. You should move north/northeast, mainly towards the south of the tents, and then walk towards the hangar you’re looking for. Be on the lookout for the soldiers on your left, which include an instructor and three soldiers.

Before you enter the area of view and move across the square towards the north/northwest, proceed to the hangar in the shadow of the equipment and crates. Make sure you jump over the barbed wire fence just to your left as you cross the street, or else you’re at risk of being observed by soldiers conducting rounds earlier. When you get to the back of the building, guarded by several soldiers, take care to frighten the soldiers by using decoys. If the enemy has not been deceived sufficiently or you wait too long to move and move, they’ll be able to take you down as you approach.

If you find it difficult to avoid enemies who aren’t visible, use the Commando Carbine from the beginning of the mission to kill enemies in such a manner that soldiers do not observe their bodies. After that, climb over the piles of wood until you reach the open window and enter the hangar.

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Smash enemy aircrafts

Inside the hangar, connect your bomb to the designated wings of the Stuka, exit the hangar and follow the video shown. It is your job to destroy any enemy plane and avoid being wounded by them if you can. The easiest method is to go towards the machine gun fixed to the right side and shoot the gun for a few seconds. It should be enough time to clear away the soldiers that are attacking you as well as the stragglers who are still in the truck.

Leave the nest and go to the other end, returning to the hangar where you’ll take refuge. From there, you’ll be able to defend yourself from attacks by troops of the enemy and Stukas without suffering any injury. Then, with the assistance of Mason and his planes, you’ll disappear quickly, without the threat of dying from the blast of a machine gun or bomb. Another sequence will follow, after which there is a new task to be completed.


After the triumphant battle against the German Stukas, Your character is now in a new zone. There are three tasks to be conquered and six letters to discover. The locations of these collectibles are provided below. We will also teach you how to conquer every challenge. In the first place, our goal is to break into the garrisons.

All letters:

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