Walkthrough Battle Chasers: Nightwar Walkthrough: Help For All Dungeons, Crafts And Bestiaries

Combat Action, ability, capacity reserve, and power. Here’s how!

Combat, however, can choose between two options for each character: Ability or Action. ” Abilities” are similar to spells in that They’re usually more powerful than “normal” actions and different, yet they require mana to support them. Furthermore, you’ll be able to learn new ones during the course. Finally, look at the effects of these abilities that are the end-all and finality of combat. They can damage enemies significantly, and some can help you or your entire group, while others provide complex but beneficial effects when you can utilize them correctly. Regular actions are, on the other side, typically more fragile than abilities yet do not require mana.

Power Reserves Power Reserves: These, known as power reserves, are the ultimate strategic goal and final battle during Battle Chasers: Nightwear. They are obtainable when you take action. They’re, in a sense, “free” mana. You’ll be able to use your abilities without draining the mana you have. In most instances, it’s logical to begin the fight with some basic actions to build up reserve power that you can unleash with strong abilities. Try to conserve as much mana as you can for the tougher battles!

Mana Mana can be made by eating (expensive) drinks or by leveling up. As it is valuable, it is important to make sure you only use it when required, such as during a boss battle or other particularly challenging battle. So, use the reserve of power to use up as little mana as you can!

Superpower Every character has a unique superhero power (up to three at the end of the game) which is extremely beneficial. It can be utilized immediately after you notice the bar for superpowers on your left is fully charged. It recharges automatically after each attack. In later games, it can even triple in size. You may even be able to use three different superpowers or a very powerful superpower at the highest level. It is recommended to save the superpowers for more difficult fights, particularly boss fights. But, you don’t have to be a strict observer of these powers – the superpower bar gets charged up quite fast, so you could just “unload” it at intervals.

Crafting: forging weapons, equipment, stuff

Weapons, crafting supplies, and other tools you can build at a table or an alchemy laboratory, as you see them today and later in the Dungeons. There is also the option of crafting at certain merchants located in villages, such as when you build the forge or store. You should certainly make that happen! In the end, you must always have enough potions made at the Harmsweg alchemist to replenish your health, mana, or that of the deceased party member. Nothing is more foolish than losing mana or health inside a dark dungeon or having a fellow player lose their life to you. Important Note: You can make the items you need once you’ve learned the instructions for building. They are available as books at the various shops and are occasionally found in dark dungeons. Don’t forget that it’s not enough to buy the books. You need to read them within your inventory to master the construction instructions! It’s easy to forget that. It’s also important If you utilize more than is necessary for crafting, the likelihood of making items with higher value rises. This is evident in the color bar (as normal with white, green, purple, blue, and orange) and the percent. Feel free to use many necessary items to build some cool equipment. Try your luck by using less than you need. The odds that you will succeed are shown. Test it out or go away.

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Tips for walking through the walkthrough

Battle Chasers Nightwar has various fascinating features as you move in the course of the game. For instance, fishing, crafting, or the bestiary for instance. We dive through these areas only when they are important or explained during play.

Keep in mind that the eight big dungeons are generated randomly. This means it’s impossible to provide you with the steps to follow these. However, you can get general information about the dungeons in the answer.

Prologue The Crash

You are in control of Gully and must locate your comrades who jumped out of the way along with you. Follow the route to the left until you meet Calibretto. After having a conversation, go to the game’s description and learn to switch between players. Switch to Calibretto and then use the button on the lower right of your screen. This will heal your group. But, you should use these powers only sparingly as they will get used up quicker than you imagine. So, keep the healing now and run with your new team of two.

Run straight up, do not turn left. Follow the river until you come to an empty Crate. Then, take it away and continue to the north. Then you’ll see an impressive waterfall. Behind it is a cave. Go inside, take the crate out and look at the skeleton. In your inventory, open it and place the armor you have just discovered onto Gully. The cave is now closed, and you must return to the area in which you first met Calibretto. You can now climb the small hill toward the left. Continue along the slope until you encounter the first opponent, which is a slime monster. It’s enough to beat it using simple techniques. Make sure you have enough mana for simple opponents, but you’ll need it in more challenging combats.

Following that, take the same path and then go to the marker that glows. It is the world map. You can see that it looks like an actual game board. You can walk along easily evident pathways. Each time you walk, there is a chance for an event to occur. However, it will be communicated to you in advance via an image. This means you could encounter enemies or just stumble across an item of value. Be alert to see if these loot items sparkle a bit; however, they are easily missed.

It is often easy to know when they’re at a dead end. If you can see images that signify an imminent fight, you should not hesitate to go to them, even if they’re not in your route. Taking on all enemies is worthwhile, and you’ll discover the reason. It’s also possible that treasure chests will be revealed after the battle in locations in which a battle symbol was before visible. In such cases, you’ll be able to collect doubly fortunes. Don’t be confined to the directions your party members advise you to follow; it will take you to your next destination. Explorers always get rewarded in Battle Chasers: Nightwear.

After a few minutes after a while, you’ll arrive at the ruin of a tiny village. In the village, you’ll meet Garrison, the third adventurer to fall or jump from an aircraft in the first credits. Garrison is also a part of the group, and in the future, there will be three of you in the process. Garrison says he has seen lightings in the eastern part of his town. Garrison believes there’s a town in the area and decides to determine whether Garrison is right. To the left of the village that has been destroyed, there’s a piece of paper that contains the first of the four chapters of the saga, “Spoils of War Return of the General.” Return of the General.”

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Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and attempt to finish such epics by reading all of the pages as rewards are waiting for you or you discover something fascinating. After a while, you arrive at an intersection where signage informs you that to the northern area is the town Harmsweg and the south is the wilderness. There is no way to travel south in the present. Calibretto will call and end your effort if you attempt to do so. Thus, you must go towards the north. Within a couple of steps, you’ll reach Harmsweg, the township. Harmsweg.


You must go to the middle and wait until Garrison gets up. Your job is to explore the settlement. You’ll see exclamation points above the buildings. They are almost always white. Only one building is yellow with an exclamation point that is atop it. The story goes on. Therefore, you should look at these other structures first. Two of them are equipped with an exclusive feature. One of them is one called the “Book of the Secrets” building. If you go to this building, you’ll be presented with the option of tearing away the shield. If you choose to do this, you will find that the owner isn’t pleased when you return. But, it’s entirely up to you between the two options you pick.

To the left is “The Alternate Bestiary.” Contact its owner Huntress Raha. She will give you her Bestiary on the menu. Take a look and then click on one of the monsters mentioned in the beginning. As you can see, there are bars in the bottom right. You’ll get benefits if you take on regularly enough and take the bar to fill it with. Therefore, taking on as many fights as possible is worthwhile. Additionally, Raha promises to reward you with special missions once you’ve demonstrated your skill in handling the bestiary and monsters.

In the structure to the northeastern part area of the town, which looks more like a huge tent, is “The collector.” You can purchase special objects from him; however, you’ll need Shadow Coins that you can collect as part of the game. The building located in the east is the curio shop. Make two attempts to knock on the door and let Calibretto take the third time. Ultimately, the proprietor, Quall, will unlock your door. If you talk to him, there’s little else you can do now. The shop will be interesting since you can purchase their items and experiment with alchemy.

In the middle part of the town, there is an inn that also serves as a tavern in the local area. Contact the innkeeper. You can also rest in the hotel, but it costs gold. You replenish your life energy and mana reserves during your rest period. You can also sell and buy this way through Raha. Also, be sure to ensure that the building is maintained that has the yellow exclamation mark. It’s ” Grimbart’s Forge“. Open the huge doors of the forge, and converse with Grimbart. Then you’ll be informed about the bandits who’ve established camp in the area and could be behind the disappearance of your friends.

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