Walkthrough Batman Season 2: The Enemy Within Walkthrough: All Episodes, All Choices And Their Consequences

In the episodes as well as the previous season your choices can are a significant factor in the outcome of the game. They can determine the outcome to the tale. In our method we provide you with the essentials of the story and show you how you can determine the path for the next chapter and also uncover information you missed.

Like the majority of Telltale games, now you can create your own story and determine your starting point in the first few minutes of the season and in each episode. If you’ve never been a part of the season before, or you’ve failed to save your game in the past, you’ll have the chance to go back to key decisions prior to beginning to create your own game experience according to your preference.

When the prologue is released from the production line As a new player, you will be able to look back at the major moments of the previous game, and take your decision. Also, you will always be able to read the consequences in a short text. The most important choices are:

First season decisions and the consequences

Did you save Selina as well as Harvey in the midst of the assault by Arkham’s children Arkham? If you did, then Selina Harvey, then Harvey’s face was burnt. If you are able to save Harvey and then Selina is shot.

Did you have a time in the company of Selina in the past or did you not? If you decide to take the time to deepen your connection with Selina If not, you decide to put your relationship in a bind for a while.

In the event that Gotham got attacked which did you first target? The options are two faces or Penguin. If you go after Penguin You protect civilians from his wrath. If you pursue Two Face, then you take him to the Wayne mansion, and you capture the man there.

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What would you do if John Doe began the riots in the Arkham Asylum? You could have talked with him or pick up the phone to ask for assistance. If you spoke to him, you prevented Zsasz from killing anyone, but missed the chance to reach out for assistance. If you did pick up the phone, you were able to escape the Asylum however, leaving guards dead.

Did you have to repay John Do you an favor? You accepted his assistance, and John was able to help you escape and you have a duty to him. If you did not accept his offer and you do not have nothing to repay him, however, you still owe him a favor. you get out of the Asylum and might later believe that you still owe him.

What was your reason for breaking with to Selina? If you split apart as a couple and you backed Selina and she has left you as an acquaintance. If you voice your opinion towards her that you don’t think she is a good person the relationship will end on bad terms , and future relationships won’t be as pleasant.

What were you doing What did you do Lady Arkham was threatening the life of Alfred? Did you reveal your identity? If you divulge the identity of someone else, she’ll berate you and tear off a part from your ear. This wound will follow you through the story. If you decide not to reveal your identity and instead attack Lady Arkham with your own hands, Alfred will lose his eye during this attack.

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After the attack of Lady Arkham The following day, there was an press conference with Gordon. Did you attend dressed as Batman and Bruce Wayne? The conference will feature a madman during that gathering. If you show up as Batman and this maniac is going to be a threat to Commissioner Gordon. If you show up as Bruce Batman, he’ll attack you.

How would you assist Gotham to get its foot back? You’re at the helm as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises whether to restore Arkham and provide the residents the support they require or the option of supporting GCP and improve their equipment and train their officers.

Batman Season 2: Prologue

The second season starts with a flashback of the events of the first season. It will reveal the horrifying facts about the life of your father Thomas Wayne, and a review of the events of the first season follow. Based on the way you ended this episode, you’ll be able to hear a new review every time.

The first villain who will reveal himself during this show is Riddler. But the episode is over and you can see Batman or more precisely Bruce Wayne at work, working with an individual named Rumi Mori. Alfred asks you questions regarding your identity.

The way you respond to this question is entirely up to you and will not affect the plot in any way. The next step is to scan Mori’s surroundings to figure out the ways he makes the deals he makes with his weapons. His table has his phone. Hack into the phone by pressing an button.

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