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If you want to check for yourself whether the Temtem hype is justified, you can easily find the Pokémon multiplayer alternative for the PC on Steam – but as mentioned currently in the Early Access version. So there is still some planned content and a lot of temps missing.

The starter temtems are already fixed, however, and so that you don’t take your first step into the world of temtems in the wrong direction and choose the wrong starter temtem for you, we’ll help you out with the following tips on the temtems Crystle, Smazee and Houchic directly below the image.

Starter Temtem Crystle

Temtem No. 072 Crystle (seen in the picture on the left) is a starter type Crystle, which the name probably already told you. Just like Smazee and Houchic, Crystle has three development levels, but unlike the other two starter temtems, Crystle doesn’t advance from level 29, but from level 30 (to No. 073 Sherald). The third development level is currently unknown for all three.

With “Rested” Crystle has a particularly recommendable feature in the offense, because with it you increase the attack and special attack damage of this starter item by a whopping 25 percent! However, this only works if you let Crystle fight in the first two rounds. Crystle convinces especially with his/her strong base defense value of 69, but is badly slow (speed 33).

Attack effective against: Electric, Mental
Attack not effective against: Fire, Earth

Defense weak vs: Fire, Earth, Combat
Defense strong against: Electro, Mental, Poison

Starter Temtem Smazee

Temp No. 092 Smazee (in the center of the picture) is a starter type combat temp. Starting at level 29, Smazee continues to evolve into Temtem No. 093 Baboong. Thanks to the trait called “Friendship”, you will be spared from attacks from your allied teammates – you should not underestimate this at all and definitely consider it when choosing your starter temtem.

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Smazee is almost a bit of a counterpart to Crystle, because as a particularly fast temtem (speed 66), it could give a rather sluggish Crystle quite a run for its money. On the other hand, Smazee’s defense is extremely vulnerable with a base value of 44. In terms of both stamina (55) and attack (69), Smazee outperforms both of his Temtem colleagues to compensate.

Attack effective against: Earth, Crystal
Attack not effective against: Mental

Defense weak vs: Mental, Digital
Defense strong vs: Combat

Starter-Temtem Houchic

Temp No. 032 Houchic (shown in the picture on the right) is a Mental-type starter temp. As mentioned earlier, Houchic’s first evolution occurs just like Smazee’s at level 29, at which point Houchic becomes Temtem No. 033 Tental. At this point, we would like to highlight especially his trait “Soft Touch”, which allows you to attack sleeping enemies without waking them up, which can be extremely useful in practice.

Similar to Smazee, Houchic’s defense looks rather poor (base value 41), but his speed looks even better (66). The biggest strength of Houchic is the special attack. It comes with a base value of 72. The special defense of this starter item (base value 52) even surpasses that of Crystle (base value 42; do not confuse with the base value of the normal defense). Keep in mind, however, that Houchic has the fewest HP of the trio at 38.

Attack Effective Against: Neutral, Combat
Attack not effective vs: Crystal

Defense weak vs: Electro, Digital, Crystal
Defense strong vs: Neutral, Combat

The best starter temp

If you haven’t already found your personal temtem that might suit your very own playstyle particularly well while reading through the above pros and cons of each starter temtem, we’d like to present our choice here: Crystle.

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As a starter temtem, Crystle remains steadfast for a long time even alongside temtem beginners thanks to its good defense stats. In addition, you’ll encounter quite a few Electro-type Temtems at the beginning of the game in the current Early Access version – and Crystle’s defense is particularly effective against this type of Temtem (much like it is against Mental and Poison).

If you’ve chosen a different starter temtem, we’d be very interested in your experiences with it! Are you happy with your choice, or would you have preferred to use a different starter temp in retrospect (another starter temp can be added to the team later in the game, by the way)? Feel free to write us in the comments section!

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