Walkthrough Assassin’S Creed Origins Walkthrough: All Main Missions, Constellations & Papyrus Puzzle


The game never stalls for long, beginning with an attempt to assassinate your character Bayek has just attempted to make on Rudjek. Then, he’s to take on the massive Hypatos that the game uses to explain the controls for combat.

In fighting, the ground collapses beneath your feet. This is why, after your victory that you controlled with a tutorial, you’re in an area that appears unsurmountable at first glance. The walls are lavishly decorated and feature all sorts of pilasters. Unusually for an Assassin’s creed game, there’s nowhere to climb.

Instead, the game suggests you use an animus pulse. If you push the appropriate buttons on the joypad, the objects of interest will be highlighted with a small white triangle. In this instance, you’ll need the capability to help Bayek locate a wall with cracks to the northeast of the pit. Before you begin to wonder which direction northeast is, you can look up the overview map and align yourself with the blue arrow that is the current line of vision.

The wall is a click away. Click on the crack, and you will be inside a large burial chamber. In the room, you’ll light a torch, but keep to the right and utilize the animus pulse at intervals of a couple of meters. Within a couple of meters, you’ll arrive at a crossroads. While one path is straight ahead, you’ll notice an open archway to your left, where a treasure-filled chamber is hidden. Although you won’t be able to take the massive gold sacks, you could at least take a few coins whenever triangles appear.

Have you robbed the chamber enough? Then return to the intersection and take the straight line to the right. The path will lead to a passage over you, which you can reach by climbing up the black stone. Then, behind it, you’ll get into a battle between your best friend Hepzefa and a few unknown enemies. In the beginning, you must take care of the enemies who attack you. They will rarely stop or counter your attacks, so you should be offensive and not the other way around.

After fighting, you will instantly talk to Hepzefa, and you should follow him. Upon his return, the official first mission of the game begins: The Oasis.

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The Oasis

Recommended Level:1

According to the game’s rules, the camel must be summoned to mount and follow Hepzefa. He will take you to Siwa, the city. Siwa and, even more specifically, it will take you to his home. Then you dismount from the spot and then follow Hepzefa on his feet. You will then learn to control or better manage your bow.

In the next exchange, the soldiers arrive and go to Hepzefa’s home. Then you are taught how to cover yourself up in the bushes to lure an adversary and kill him in secret.

The next step is to eliminate the other soldiers who have escaped your house. First, one appears in front of the door, but he can conveniently turn his back towards you. Simple and simple You can sneak up on him and knock him off from behind. Hepzefa will then take the unconscious body to an area of bush to ensure that his coworkers don’t find his identity.

You enter the house and proceed through the stairs to the top floor. You will be surprised by a second enemy from behind, who is in the open in front of the door on your left. Then, immediately return to your home and walk straight to the opposite door. During construction, there should be another soldier just to your left in the northeastern area. You can eliminate him by executing a stylish assassination leap and then sneak off to the left, moving from one opponent to the next, removing them in stealth,

After you have won and return to Hepzefa Two new quests are open to you: Upgradeand The False Oracle. This is the main goal. However, you must have, at minimum, the fifth stage. So, ensure you complete your side missions first and look at the three points of view marked on your map along the path.

The False Oracle (Main Quest)

Recommended Level:5

Be aware that committing yourself to this quest is not recommended until you’ve completed a few of Siwa’s many side quests. This is the quickest method to increase the level of Bayek and to reach the fifth level suggested by both the game and us.

Your first, traditional contract sacrifice is to the priest Medunamun which Bayek will seek revenge against. He is in the shrine of Amun and flies from one corner to the next within the limited area. The majority of the time, he is secured by two security guards. You can observe his movements thanks to Senu and study his marching routes.

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Medunamun will eventually travel to the southwestern corner of the temple. He will then take a seat inside the frame from brush and wood. His guards will sit apart from him in front of the rack and then turn their backs to the priest, which is your opportunity.

The rack can be reached when you approach the south-facing temple side, either in the southwest or the southeast. Then climb up the walls, hanging from battlements below, to have the rack right in front of you. If needed, you must wait until Medunamun is seen and settled down. After that, carefully climb over the battlements and jump onto the platform that houses the rack. You can then stab the victim in the back and hit the trigger to verify it’s his corpse. Finally, the game switches into a flashback that tells you about an incident one year back.

The flashback will require you to perform a few simple tasks: go to the first marker of your objective and then search for the lead animal in the ibex herd. After that, you can kill it with your bow and walk with your son to Amun’s Temple of Amun. Bayak may be able to change his mind in the middle when he is near your destination at Halma point. In the next few days, you’ll be forced to fight for your life against some soldiers that are just too powerful for you.

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May Amun be at your side (main quest)

Recommended Level: 5

To complete this mission, it is necessary to return to the house of Hebzefa and speak to your friend. You must declare your intention to depart Siwa. The game instantly shifts to the present and reunites you with Layla, who has been in the Animus for the past few years and guiding Bayek’s path.

In the aftermath of the cutting scene, grab the cyclosporine in the medical kit, and lie again in the animus.

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