Walkthrough Assassin’S Creed Odyssey Walkthrough: Guide For All Quests, Cultists, Xenia Cards, Atlantis

Most of the choices you can make in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey can be handled at best and are restricted to finalizing a limited set of quests. There is one exception that is what happens to your loved ones. While we have covered all relevant research aspects, wee summarize all the important information in this article.

There are nine possible endings, all of that are related to the existence of Myrrine, Deimos, Nikolaos, and Stentor. The following possibilities for constellations:

Myrrine, Deimos, Nikolaos, and Stentor This is the ultimate happy end.

Myrrine, Deimos and Nikolaos.

Myrrine as well as Deimos.


Myrrine, Nikolaos, and Stentor.

Myrrine, along with Nikolaos.

Nikolaos, along with Stentor.



If you look at the cases of Deimos Nikolaos and Stentor, The scenario is quite clear If they make it through and can attend an intimate family dinner (see the final main quest dinner at Sparta). The situation gets a bit more complicated regarding Myrrine, as she can endure tough conditions and still eat the food.

To allow Nikolaos for him to be able to last, there is only one requirement:

You should spare him instead by killing him at the end of the part of the episode and in the final quest in The Wolf from Sparta and The Wolf of Sparta.

His son Stentor survives if…

.. you’ve left Nikolaos as you’ve stated.

.. You ask Nikolaos to visit Stentor during the 7th episode and the search for Aristaios’ final fight.

It is a lot more difficult when it comes to Deimos Deimos, in which you must take a variety of right choices:

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In episode 6, and the mission Reconnecting in the next episode, you need to swear to your mother that your family will eventually be united.

Your mother must be told during the 7th episode or the quest The Bloody Feastthat you will bring back Deimos.

You have to tell “Wait!” to Deimos during the seventh episode or near the end of the adventure the Battle of Pylos, after a tree falls over the character.

In the eighth episode and when you are attempting to find the Athenian Curtains In the eighth episode, you need to discuss Deimos as long as you can by repeatedly addressing them regarding their alleged involvement in the prophecy, calling at your family members whenever you can and stating that the cult’s goal is to destroy this family, Deimos has to say “I’m not a plaything.” during the following exchange with Kleon to have a shot at salvaging them.

You are not allowed to fight to defeat Deimos in episode nine or during the quest to find the place where the story began.

If it’s the situation of Myrrine, As we have already mentioned, there are three options for what will happen to her the in the end:

She dies.

She is alive, and she can disown you.

She lives and is with you.

Myrrine is killed at the time of …

.. You are not by the above-mentioned decisions regarding Deimos.

… you are trying to avoid fighting with them during the 9th episode and the quest. where it all began..

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Myrrine will live and eject you in the event of…

.. it is because you are not in compliance with the above-mentioned rulings in the Deimos case.

.. You fight during the 9th episode and during the battle. where it all started without fuss.

.. You swear to Myrrine during the 7th episode, and the quest A bloody conclusion to bring Deimos back.

Myrrine will be able to survive and remain with you If…

.. Deimos survives.

.. or …

.. You are not in compliance with the above-mentioned rulings for Deimos.

.. you battle the other character during the 9th episode and during the search for , which began without more ado.

.. you did not have to promise Myrrine that you would bring back Deimos during the 7th episode or the quest The Bloody Endeavor.

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