Walkthrough Agents Of Mayhem Walkthrough: Unlock All Agents, Guide To All Missions


As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock agents until you’ve activated all twelve. You can select your preferred Agents for any mission. Very few tasks require a particular agent to be part of the team. But, the information will be provided to you before starting, so you don’t need to worry about embarking on the mission without knowing. The basic rule is that only the agents who are part of your team will be able to level up. Everyone who is resting in the Ark is not getting any training. Therefore, it’s worthwhile rotating your team from time to time to bring the other person up to speed or to get them to a certain standard.

Each agent is equipped with unique capabilities. Furthermore, their weapons vary in fundamental ways. When assembling your team, ensure that you don’t include three players that can only strike from a short distance, for instance. Make sure to arrange your team in that there’s at least one that can take on enemies from a more considerable distance. The more advanced you get through the games, the more kinds of enemies you’ll face. Additionally, some are intolerant to certain weapons or shields that can be broken only by specific agents.

In this scenario, you should create your team in this manner. Simply going to the same people every day won’t benefit you. We don’t want to dictate the makeup of your team. We will not provide details in the walkthrough on the agents we’ve taken for which missions. We’ll only do this if you are assigned to a fixed team or when you must bring a specific agent along with you on a trip.

All over the city

After a couple of missions after missions, you will be able to wander around Seoul but also drive a car. For this, you’ll need any vehicle parked on roads or streets or a Mayhem vehicle using a digital cross. So, you can arrive at your destination quicker; however, you won’t find crystal shards and crates scattered throughout the city, waiting to be gathered. This is why it’s more advantageous to go on missions only using vehicles when you’re in a rush, for example, when timers are running, or you need to stop or eliminate an enemy’s car.

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Side tasks

In just a few minutes of playing, specifically, when you stroll across Seoul Seoul for the first time without fear, The first tasks begin to appear. When you access the map, you’ll see a variety of icons with different shades. The purple ones mark all missions that are based on the story and your characters, as well as the orange ones, which let you like, for instance, take on new contact points by using Gremlin as well as Relic stores, and the lighter blue ones that are the side quests in the game.

There are many of these side jobs. In this case, you’re supposed to be able to win a race at times on foot, other times using a vehicle; Legion equipment needs to be destroyed and is a hostage waiting to be released. There is no requirement to finish these tasks; however, you can. Most of these mini-quests can be accomplished very quickly. But sometimes, you’ll encounter ones that require you to search and burn out a Legion hideout. The next step is to track smaller or bigger complexes and then remove them from Legion soldiers.

Each of these tasks will reward you with rewards. In most cases, you’ll “only” receive cash and experience; however, in some, you’ll get other items like blueprints, skins for weapons, and much more. It is possible to see what is in store simply by hovering your mouse over the appropriate icon within the game’s map. An information window will appear where you can learn everything you need to be aware of. You can also select these missions on the map screen. After that, the specific task is displayed to you by the game, and you can immediately start running in the right direction.

Be on the lookout for traffic

Be cautious of cars as they cause quite a bit of harm when you are “under the wheel.” Additionally, during missions, you shouldn’t fight when you travel as people who are not neutral drive in reckless ways. However, you could utilize this to your advantage. Inviting enemies to the roads will be snatched by vehicles and no longer a problem. Then, they could still have cash, scrap metal, and other discarded objects and then collect their ashes without regret.

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Level of difficulty

It is impossible to set the game’s difficulty level in the beginning. After your first agents have advanced in the ranks, you’ll be able to choose the difficulty level before starting another mission. You’ll see that most difficulty levels remain locked when you first start. The unlocking of these levels will occur when your agents continue to increase in their rank. You will be shown what classes are needed. The more complicated you select, the more lavish the rewards for your mission and bonus rewards will be. If a task is too complex, do not be afraid to lower the difficulty level for your next try.

Crystal Shards

Crystal shards can be found everywhere in the game industry. They’re about the size of a man’s head and are easily identified through their red, somewhat glowing color. If you can collect ten shards, you get the crystal core. They are essential to purchase your agents’ core enhancements and learn specific, mostly passive abilities. Explore the world of games thoroughly, and you’ll often find crystal shards of crystal in tiny alleyways, garages, or roofs. Keep your eyes open since as soon as crystal shards are nearby, vibrating sound will be distinguished. If you spot your first shard, you’ll be able to hear the sound. If you don’t spot a bit but can hear it buzzing, you should search the immediate region.

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