Walkthrough A Plague Tale: Innocence Walkthrough: Tips & Tricks, Find All Curiosities, Flowers & Gifts.

In the first chapter, you’re an innocent teenager who is a follower of her father. You decide to go through the “knight’s examination.” It’s a game, and you must go with your father through the forest until you reach an apple tree thatstanding out. The tree’s owner immediately demands that you drop six apples in just 10 minutes. To accomplish this, you’ll require some stones, which is why you turn and take them off the tree’s trunk lying on the floor.

It’s only possible to shoot six stones at the same go, which is the reason you aren’t able to fire yourself during the next shooting practice. It doesn’t matter whether you have a shot at all targets. Whatever the case, hit the shoulder button before every shot. When dropping the stone, the diamond’s mark is supposed to be no more significant than the apple itself. If not, the image could be missed.

Did you do it? And then the dog Lion comes to you and chases you away. It is imperative to hurry up and get over two thin tree trunks. You need to duck at the first point, and then climb up the tree. Finally, climb the brightly illuminated step to get ahead of Lion.

The dog smells like an animal that you’d like to eliminate immediately. This is why you require stones. You will find luck at the stone on the dog’s right side. Your father also unlocks the rock and has given you some instructions. You should then be careful and cover yourself in the grassy areas to get close to the boar without being noticed. An excellent idea; however, it will spot your presence quickly as you prepare your slingshot to shoot.

The boar flees and runs to a different stream, from where it turns away from you. In this way, you can get it back, but a strike from behind won’t be effective, and you’ll need to aim your gun at the head of the animal. Before beginning your next shot, you must take the pig in from the side and then hide within the grass.

When you make on the ground, the boar falls over, and then it gets up and soon disappears once more. Your dog can then escape again, which is why you continue to chase it. However, the dim light and the filthy terrain do not look promising. At the trail’s end, you will come across a dead wild boar, and you can see a Lion suffering a similar fate.

Look for Beatrice

You will likely be able to return to your home with your father. You should go to find Beatrice, your mom. Beatrice. You should first walk straight by the stables for horses, then go up the ladder in the backmost chamber. This is where you’ll find the first present that is an pipe.

Return to the top and continue following the trail behind the stables. The path will lead you to two people and then to a straw-covered hut with one maid. Then you will come to an unassuming chapel that you have to cross, and you will arrive at an unmarked well. A servant is sweeping leaves, and then to the left, another maid known as Gabriele is rushing to you.
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The main building is accessible, which has two pathways open to you. To the left is the huge dining area where two servants discuss strange events within the community. In the next hallway you’ll find the ladder that will take you to the next curiousity: spices. The ladder is still there so you get to the kitchen and talk briefly to the chef. As you’re at the end of the road, you’ll need to go back and follow another path to the main entry point.

You can reach the top level of the building through a staircase, and you will immediately meet the next lady. She’s standing in front of the bedroom door and walks into your bedroom. Take a moment to follow her and look at a second interesting object that is lying on your mattress and an cloth for a table. You can then visit your mother’s room and speak to her.

In a panic over the sounds emanating, Beatrice quits and requests you visit the brother Hugo. To get there, simply walk from one room to another until you come across one filled with toys. Hugo is hidden in the corner, hidden behind the cloth painted.

The de Runes Legacy: The Escape from Hugo

Fleeing from Hugo

When you’ve found your brother, things begin to escalate When you see your father’s death by a man called Nicholas and other soldiers of the Inquisition infiltrating the building. You immediately cover yourself behind a table and then call your brother to come with you. However, you must wait a few seconds until you see a soldier appear and wanders around the corner behind the cloth. After that, you can turn and go back to the next room, along with the books.

In a moment, another soldier steps through the door to your left. Take a few seconds until the soldier enters the room and disappears at the rear of the room. Use the opportunity to escape through the door damaged by the soldiers.

To your left, you see one of your servants getting killed. Fortunately, the soldier who was angry quickly disappeared from the door on the right. This is why you rush to the maid who died and take the stairs down towards the left. Then, you must head to the kitchen and be on guard for any soldiers before entering another room. Be sure only to march forward when the enemy turns away from you.

You can access the door on the right side of the cauldron when you are in the kitchen. When you do this, you are discovered by a soldier and thrown to the ground by your mum. Then you have to move away and follow her step by step. Make sure to stay nearby so that you don’t get hurt.

After a time, Beatrice has to stop, and that is the reason you quit. Don’t move until the guard standing before you has changed sides. Soon after, Beatrice pauses again because she cannot see any way ahead of the next soldier. It is your job to keep him from being distracted by throwing stones on the crate and the armor pieces on his left. If you’re out of rocks, you can find ones near your mother.
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After that, the game is repeated: Beatrice stops, and you need to disperse the soldiers. Keep your eyes towards the left until you can see the appearance of a stand from a distance, with pans hanging off it. Should you decide to throw a stone at the pans, you’ll be able to sneak away.

Again you’ll encounter an individual who is blocking your way. Unfortunately, there isn’t an object within a range that you can shoot at for distracting. But, you do have some vases available you can use that you can throw into the alcove on the right of where the soldiers are. Important: Once you have thrown, remain in the area for a short time until the soldier moves toward the alcove. You could be found and shot dead if you’re too quick and get caught.

The next time you go through the door, you will see an unlocked door. However, lucky for you, your mother spots tiny holes in the stone wall just to the left. You are responsible for giving Hugo the direction to walk through the hole and open doors from the opposite side. Follow your mother until she is hiding in the high grass. To your left, there is a wall of a small size, which you could walk – should a soldier not be able to patrol right behind it.

The problem is: that Hugo isn’t quick enough, which is why you cannot quickly slash through your opponent. Therefore, you must release your brother and take refuge behind the wall. First, ensure the soldier is just behind the wall and then shifts towards you. Then, quickly climb up your wall and hide behind the tall grass in the rear left bordered by other divisions. You can then take a vase with which you need to keep the soldier from getting.

Seek out this most beautiful towards Beatrice and Hugo and look at the soldier in a small way. He is always running towards a easily attainable crossroads using your vase. The vase should be thrown in the direction of the least distance when the soldier is at the intersection. If you’ve scared him, then call your mother and your brother. The two come to you.

In the final few meters, you will need to distract the last soldier looking directly at you and not moving one millimeter. There is, however, close to him the head of a scarecrow made of an empty bucket. Should you throw the bucket using a stone, the soldier will stare at you and then turn around. When that occurs, you can again go after your mother.

The following few chapters are pretty simple: you should Wait for the conversation between your mom until Inquisition has been able to catch up with you. Then, following that, simply run straight ahead, keeping clear of any glowing white-red markers that could bring you into the path of an adversary. Then, at the end of the road, you’ll jump together with Hugo into the water.

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