Viewsonic Vx3418-2Kpc Test

Likely as expected, the VX3418 is delivered in a well-packed and safe manner. The set-up process is completed in about a couple of minutes. Install the base screw and then hook the display, close it. There are no tools required. It’s a relief to see that the footprint produced a moderately sized footprint this is not an issue with these large screens. The minimal depth is acceptable and the monitor is positioned well and doesn’t move much. People who wish to keep the footprint completely can place the beast on the wall with VESA fixing.

These ergonomic settings are appealing, leaving little to be left to be. It is possible to adjust the height to 80 millimeters, a tilt function with a range of -5 up to 10 degrees are accessible as well as the ability to change the display’s direction to the left or right. It’s less appealing to operate through five buttons located on the back. We would have preferred the more standard and more convenient mini-joystick. However, you can’t get everything. The OSD is transparent and contains everything you need with a variety of game presets as well as flicker free and blue light filter.

With regards to the ports available, things aren’t as plentiful at this price point as the ViewSonic model is no different. Although there exist the two DisplayPort 1.4 as well as two HDMI 2.0 ports and an 3.5mm audio connector, that’s all there is. It will be without USB and USB-C, or other similar options. Also, you should have one corner free to connect an external power supply, however this shouldn’t be an issue. In exchange, you receive two speakers with 5W that aren’t essential however they will serve their purpose. We’ve heard of worse.

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ViewSonic as well as the majority of brands in this price range uses the VA panel that has 3,440 pixels in resolution. It’s in 21:9 format. This is perfectly suited to action-packed adventures, role-playing games, or open-world games. The curving radius is 1500R and offers decent immersion, however it must be noted that the curvature isn’t the best, particularly for editing video or images when you’re playing alongside gaming.

Fine is the rate of refresh of at least 144 per second. If you don’t, you can get regular values such as contrast of 4,000:1 300 cd/m2 brightness and 8-bit (thus not HDR also) and Adaptive Sync. The time to respond is 1 ms Mprt which typically equates to approximately 3 ms gray to grey. This is a decent number, and is a bit too high for people who play in e-sports however it’s perfect for those who are a bit more inclined to play from the arena.

In real-world usage, the frameless three-sided model gives a great impression with clear color reproduction, a good speed of refresh and a solid response time. The display issues were not evident in our test model. Like we expected, the illumination is not uniform however this is more common than uncommon in the format that is curved and also varies on the position of the seat. It’s not apparent when playing games. Overall the VX3418 is a solid performer and is basically what you would be expecting from this price point.

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