Viewsonic Vx3268-2Pkc-Mhd Test

The VX3268 is a 32-inch screen with a 31.5-inch screen diagonal, curved. The radius is 1500R. The small footprint is impressive, particularly in terms of depth, because of the tiny base that holds the screen quite well. Visually, the monitor creates a stunning impression in part due to its slim profile and, on the other hand, due to its slim-looking bezel and the excellent anti-glare coating, which is effective in keeping any reflections out.

It’s not the best, however, are the sacrifices that need to be taken in the form of ergonomic design features. It is true that the VX3268 features tilt adjustment from +3 to +21 degrees and can be placed on the wall using VESA connection screws. The manufacturer, however, did not include a height adjustment or horizontal swivel functions. The height that is fixed is adequate. However, the majority of people will be okay with it.

The connectivity isn’t necessarily the latest. ViewSonic uses version 2.0 for both HDMI ports. That means the high-refresh rates of up to144 Hz cannot be utilized on the new consoles. The DisplayPort is also not current with the latest version of 1.2. There aren’t any USB ports and 3.5-millimetera audio port. The monitor also comes with integrated two-watt speakers. However, ViewSonic might have gotten away with them, as they’re useless.

The simple and clear OSD can be controlled using the 5-way mini joystick at the right’s rear. It is an excellent feature as it’s not familiar with smaller models. In addition to the standard options, it has a few other settings. Furthermore, OSD includes several options for various applications and game genres. Thus, overall there’s not much to complain about in terms of settings options.

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ViewSonic display utilizes an MVA panel with an arc of 1500R and resolution of 2,560 x 1,440, with a 31.5-inch screen wide. The panel has at least 144 Hz and an average response time of 1 3 milliseconds (3 gray-to-grey ms). It is, therefore, part of the ever-growing list of modern panels that match the latest generation of graphics cards. The contrast is typical of MVA at 3,000:1; however, the brightness comes down a bit with 250cd/m2; this clearly indicates that HDR or 10bit is unavailable.

In terms of games, the VX3268 provides an excellent performance. It may be a little slow for those who are serious about shooting. However, casual gamers will be able to work with the machine. The lighting is pretty uniform, and the image quality and color reproduction are robust, even if they don’t shine. Images with errors could not be seen in our test model.

A slight ghosting issue at high frame rates could be irritating; however, in terms of the shape, size, and panel design, the VX3268 isn’t only a shooter for purist gamers. But, the design and screen are attractive in other genres, such as adventure games, role-playing, and open-world games, and not the least because of the curvaceous radius, which fits into the view field well.

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