Viewsonic Elite Xg32Ou Test

Because of HDMI 2.1, the HDMI 2.1 port that is available to owners of brand new consoles such as PS5 or Xbox Series X can also benefit from frame rates that go beyond 60 Hz. AMD FreeSync Premium Pro is also compatible (also beneficial for console owners). However, it’s not clear how only one HDMI inputs was designed for 2.1 and the second one is still based upon HDMI 2.0. Of of course it is true that DisplayPort is also available for PC use. DisplayPort is also accessible for use on PCs. In addition, 3.5 mm audio, Micro-USB (unfortunately not type-C), USB 3.2 up-stream and 3x USB 3.2 Type-A are also included.

The panel has the native high contrast ratio, 1,000:1, with 400 nits of 10 bit color depth. HDR is supportedand the panel is HDR-600-certified. The manufacturer claims that the resolution time is 1 milliseconds (MPRT) which typically equals about 3 milliseconds in the grey-to-grey. Additionally, the monitor has an excellent coverage of 99 percent of the sRGB color space as and the 99% coverage of Adobe colors. The color rendering of the monitor leaves nothing to be desired because of excellent factory calibration, which means that it is ideal for professional use.

Features such as Flicker free and Blue Light Filter are virtually evident and are accessible by using the OSD that is operated via the mini-joystick as well as two buttons. We immediately notice an error as the OSD provides a variety of settings however it’s poorly constructed. The font in black and white with a gray background is hard to read. In default mode the background is transparent, meaning that not anything is readable or understood in a reasonable manner. ViewSonic must be improved immediately through firmware updates, which isn’t much.

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In the end, ViewSonic has not skimped on its equipment. Everything you need to satisfy your heart is provided with regard to ergonomic functions. The tilting range is -5 to +20 degrees, rotating between left and right angles by 50 degrees and 120 millimeters height adjustment are included in the range of options. If you’d like you could also put the display on the wall using the VESA 100-mount. ViewSonic has also considered an adjustable headset holder that folds out along with a mouse bungie as well as cable management. It’s a great idea.

The internal speakers make a remarkable sound for the size of a monitor. Furthermore, all cables are included as well as the high-speed HDMI cable to connect to use with the 2.1 input. People who love bright lights will not be disappointed due to RGB lighting at the back.

In actual use, aside from the limitations of the OSD the ViewSonic EliteXG32OU delivers an excellent figure, even on the latest consoles. The Xbox Series X immediately recognized the display as a 4K display, with 120 Hz of refresh rate and HDR without any issues There no issues and we were able to start playing immediately. It also worked well from the beginning, as evidenced in other ways, for instance through Destiny 2‘s Crucible that supports 120 Hz without a glitch.

The quality of the image on the monitor is not too bad particularly due to the nice HDR and excellent color reproduction. The lighting created a uniform impression and any pixel or image imperfections weren’t evident in our test. The image’s clarity is unbeatable while the colours are vibrant and vibrant.

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The starting price of the ViewSonic Elite is expensive but it becomes evident that the path to future of 4K has some obstacles. The MSRP is unexpected considering its size. Direct competitors such as those of the ASUS ROG PG32UQ as well as the MSI Optix MPG321URQD are offered at a cheaper price on the street as well as the price on the company’s US store is also quite more affordable at $1,043.99 (a little less than 1,000 euros). But the experience of the past shows that the RRP for electronics is quite rapid, and the 1,249 Euros are not made of iron.

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