Victrix Gambit Test

Victrix Gambit Wireless Headset (129,99 Euro)

Naturally, people are curious about what to expect from new products coming from earlier, less well-known or even less known producers. The initial impression is not very bad. While we are expecting an abundance made of polymer, the craftsmanship is quite sturdy and certainly not cheap. The headband is extremely flexible and is able to withstand quite a bit. The earcups are at a minimum tiltable however they are not able to be adjusted. The whole design is sufficiently flexible that it is able to adapt to the head’s shape. The fact that the adjustment does not contain a detent isn’t any major issue, but it’s an option to make sure that the headband doesn’t change as easily.

As one would imagine they are constructed from memory foam, with faux leather cover and are surprisingly soft. However, the wearer comfort could be improved overall. In the case of longer periods using glasses, we noticed the pressure on the lateral side to be slightly too for our liking in the long run. Overall, it’s fine however, we have experienced much more comfortable headsets with the mangle.

The headset is connected wirelessly using a USB dongles and 2.4 the GHz technology. Xbox Wireless without a dongle isn’t supported as is BlueTooth. The headset could be connected to a USB-MicroUSB charging cables (why there is no USB-C?) or the jack cable. This means it can be used with a lot of flexibility on notebooks, computers and mobile devices. The range of wireless is about 10-12 meters. The battery life of around 15 hours is acceptable.

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The controls are situated in the left earcup and are not accessible, except for the unusual volume rotary control that is located on inside the right earcup. Game-chat balance and power switch as well as mic monitoring are included. The microphone isn’t removable and can be muted that can be activated by flipping it upwards, the signal is activated when it’s turned off, and a an audible click. The microphone has a convincing the voice chat and has clean and clear voice transmission, without background noise. It’s nice that Victrix didn’t save the correct location.

In the earcups with the 50mm drivers are roaring with 20-20,000 Hz typical along the 32 Ohms. The drivers are able to score some points, since they can deliver a sharp sounding, ripe gaming mix with good volume, making sense of direction much more attainable. The change towards Dolby Atmos (license included for free) is proving to be a success. There are a few minor flaws in the highs however, they are in play more when playing music than with gaming.

In terms of pure audio, the Victrix headset is a great choice. It doesn’t need to be hidden from rivals in the price category between 100 to 150 euros. We were extremely pleased with the audio quality in any genre regardless of the genre, whether it was an effect-rich shooter, crisp racer, or a more quiet role-playing game. Apart from the slightly less comfortable wearing experience The headset certainly exceeds its cost.

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