Valve Introduced A New Hero In Dota 2 And Changed Techies Abilities

Updates to Dota 2 aren’t frequently released, as the players would like. This is why every patch is worth the price of gold. Valve has released an update major to 7.31 the day before , with an updated hero as well as edits to an old the Techies bomber.

New Hero

The game begins with a brand newcomer to our pool of Dota 2 fighters. The newcomer is Primal Beast, A hero who can throw everything at him and smash his opponents into the ground. But, as the blog states, the beast is a creature that experiences only hunger and pain and comes from a different dimension. “He travels the path of destruction and destruction over and over again, and the pitiful beginnings of civilization will not be enough to keep the monster from centuries of existence in check, according to the description of the character.

Primordial Beast skills:

  • Onslaught: The character speeds up and then runs in chosen direction and slams away allies and enemies. When you encounter enemies, it inflicts damage and disables them. The longer the acceleration is planned, the faster the hero can run. The acceleration can be stopped at any moment by using the command “undo.
  • Trample is a tough walk that causes damage. In a specific amount of steps, the enemies within the vicinity of the hero suffer the base damage, as well as damage multiplied from attacks. The beast is not able to hit when the ability is in use.
  • Infuriation – The hero’s violent temperament passively increases the damage. Additionally, a charge is granted whenever the character suffers small amounts of damage from other heroes. It roars when the ability is activated, increasing damage to armor and attacks and slowing the movement of enemies.
  • Pulverize (“ultime”; intermittent capability) The hero grabs their chosen opponent and then hurls him repeatedly to the ground, inflicting harm to all enemies within the zone of impact and then briefly stuns them.
  • Rock throw is a skill which is unlocked when you receive Aghanim’s Shard. The ability allows you to throw a rock at the point of target striking and damaging enemies.

A brief overview of the brand new persona.

Technology changes

Within Dota 2 fan circles, Techies is considered an unbalanced hero. His mining assets alone are worth it, but the number of bombs used in one-time attacks is limited. However, the invisibility threat significantly enrages the team of enemies. The developers redesigned the capabilities of miners, offering them new abilities, and the bombs they didn’t like turned into an ultimate weapon.

The Techies set looks now like this:

  • The Sticky Bomb (new) throws a sticky bomb in the area you have chosen. If it hits the target the bomb will stick to him and slow him down before exploding.
  • Reactive Tazer (new) The hero covers himself in a shield of electricity, increasing his movement speed. If you assault him, you are completely powerless. The fight explodes when the timer is over, destroying any nearby enemies.
  • The blast off! Techies fly into the sky to do huge damage to him and his enemies within the vicinity. It is important to note that the hero can’t be killed now as he takes that loss.
  • Proximity mines are deadly mines that is invisible if it is enemies within the blast the radius.

Patch 7.31 includes a few additional modifications to the game, including balance tweaks and improvements to monsters. Learn the full details of the update on this page.

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