Valorant Weapons Guide

We’ve created an arsenal guide for you in Valorant in which we look an in-depth look at the details of each weapon used that you can use in Valorant.

In the last guide I pointed out that you need to select your weapon carefully and be guided not just by your personal tastes but also by the skills you have and the way you play.

Riot Games has ensured that every gun came with a instruction manual, however newcomers seldom understand these details tend to check everything on the spot and frequently overlook the most important small things.

Riot Games has made sure that every gun comes with a small guide.

In light of this I’ve put together a new tutorial for you. I’ve laid out all you need to are aware of about the game arsenal in a simple and easy manner.


  • 1 Personal weapons
  • 2 Pistols- machine guns
  • 3 Shotguns
  • 4 Automatic rifles
  • 5 Sniper rifles
  • 6 Machine guns

Personal Weapons

The cheapest setof pistols, comprised mostly of short as well as medium range pistols. With the right strategy the majority of these men are very effective in combat.

  • Pistol CLASSIC
  • Magazine capacity: 12 rounds
  • Breakage of the wall: low

The gun that every player starts with by default. In primary mode, it fires semi-automatic. In secondary mode, it shoots three bullets in bursts with a smaller envelope. The effectiveness decreases at ranges beyond 30 meters. It is a good gun if you have no substitute for it.

  • Trim SHORTY
  • Magazine capacity: 2 rounds
  • Wall breaking: low

Barrel shot that shoots up to 12 tiny pellets at a time. The most effective distance is of nine meters or more and that means you must shoot close to point-blank distance. It’s also great that it’s just as easy to shoot when you are stationary as it is while running.

  • Automatic pistol FRENZY
  • Magazine capacity: 13 rounds.
  • Breakage of the wall: low

The only pistol with an automatic system available, capable of delivering up to 10 bullets per second. The crosshairs are a bit larger than the crosshairs of other sidearms. Aim for a range of no over 20 meters.

  • Pistol and silencer Ghost
  • Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
  • Breakage of the wall: medium

A powerful and quiet sniper in the realm of personal guns. The silencer blocks out the sound of gunshots, which allows fighters to be able to work in a stealthy manner as well as increasing the precision that the gun. Best at ranges of that extend to 30 meters.

  • Revolver SHERIFF
  • Magazine capacity: 6
  • Breakage of the wall: high

Most expensive, and sought-after sidearm and capable of taking out your opponent with just one precise headshot. It takes a long time to start cocking, takes a long time to reload , and suffers from high recoil.


Faster and more powerful than pistols, they fall slightly short of the machine guns. A cost-effective compromise solution that is suitable for medium and close-range battle.

  • Submachine gun STINGER
  • Magazine capacity: 20
  • Wall breaking: low

In the primary mode of firing, it fires with a limited spread. up to 18 rounds per second In the firing mode it fires in short bursts of four rounds , with improved accuracy of firing. It costs only 200 credits more than the revolver.

  • Machine gun SPECTRE
  • Magazine capacity: 30
  • Wall breaking: medium

PPP with greater damage for a more expensive price. It fires continuously both in main mode and the aiming mode. However, it is advised to use bursts of fire due to the increased vertical recoil.


Shotguns are the ideal solution for any situation that appears before you out of nowhere. They are best for close-quarters battle. PLACEHOLDER_FOR_66j1r7fqta1.jpeg

  • Semi-automatic shotgun CASH
  • Magazine capacity: 5
  • Breakage of the wall: low

Five-shooter that is powerful and has a affordable price. Discharges fifteen pellets in one shot. Alternate mode lets you the shooting to be done in one leap with the same precision as when you were sitting in a still position.

  • Shotguns that are automatic JUDGE
  • Magazine capacity: 7
  • Wall breaking: medium

An expensive alternative that has an extremely high rate of fire , but with less harm. It can fire twelve pellets and is that can fire at a speed as high as 3.5 round per second. It is a little less selective about distance than its rival.

Automatic rifles

The principal argument that stands out in the Valorant offered in four variations to satisfy any taste. The majority of them don’t get damaged even at the top levels.

    • BULLDOG rifle.
  • Magazine Capacity: 24
  • Wall breaking: medium

The least powerful and most affordable alternative with average performance, in the event that there is an alternative. In aiming mode , it shoots three rounds. It is extremely high in vertical recoil.

    • The GUARDIAN semi-automatic rifle.
  • Magazine capacity: 12
  • Wall breaking: medium

One bullet is fired per shot. When aiming it increases the accuracy only a little, but the speed remains the same, and so is the recoil. This gun has the greatest damage rating for its size.

The only one to shoot a single bullet.

  • The PHANTOM rifle
  • Magazine capacity: 30
  • Breakage of the wall: medium

A silenced firearm with the best rate of fire in its class. The sole example of rifles with automatics which are less effective in long distances. The optimal range of shooting is 15 meters or more.

  • VANDAL rifle
  • Magazine capacity: 25
  • Breakage of the wall: medium

AK-47 within the Valorant world. The most sought-after and costly firearm in the world. It is excellent at all distances, and headshots kill the target dead. If fired for a prolonged duration, the cannon will be unstoppably pulled up.

Sniper rifles

The ultimate weapon for lucky people who have lightning-fast reactions. Perfect for ambushes and taking positions at a distance.

    • Sniper rifle MARSHAL magazine capacity
  • Wall breaking: medium

This rifle that is light in weight is ideal for the sniper who is agile. It is a great weapon for killing for a reasonable price, as well as a rapid rate of fire and a good turret fire capacity.

  • Sniper rifle OPERATOR
  • Magazine capacity: 5
  • Wall break-down: high

The most costly and deadly weapon available in Valorant. The low rate of fire and weight make up by causing massive damage. It guarantees deadly results when you hit enemies from any distance. It comes with even a massive shield.


Heavyweights of the past, capable of scattering any thing that happens to fall into their shaky crosshairs, and also tearing through the walls or armor.

  • Pistol ARES
  • Magazine capacity: 50
  • Breakage of the wall: high

Very affordable and extremely powerful machine gun. Rate of fire rises when the magazine is empty. The gun is powerful and can be effective in ranges that extend to 30 meters, however it takes a lot of time to refill. He’s extremely powerful but takes a lengthy time to recharge.

  • Submachine gun ODIN
  • Magazine capacity: 100
  • Wall breaking: high

The second most costly firearm in play. It is extremely destructive in medium distance. This allows for prolonged time periods of barrage firing. Like its smaller counterpart It is susceptible to recoil, and also accelerates when it fires, however, it is far superior in terms of speed of fire and power.

Finally we will talk about the weapon that is the most sought-after by professionals – the knife that is provided by default and cannot be taken away.

In normal mode, the attacker makes the blade with three sharp cuts. In alternate mode it’s a powerful attack with a stabbing blow. The knife is able to inflict double damage when struck from behind, and it allows the characters to move.

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