Valheim guide on how to protect your home from monsters

Monsters are waiting to attack your lovely Viking settlement. Vilhelm is a game that focuses on living in the Scandinavian afterlife, and the monsters are envious of your home.

You’ll require a place with a sturdy ceiling to craft your work. Otherwise, your workshop could be destroyed by the rain. If you construct a home and begin to build, creatures will show up in the evening. They’ll attack your house, particularly during special occasions, and may destroy everything you’ve built for years.

However, there is a way to eliminate them. The players have devised various clever strategies using which it is possible to protect your house fully. Moats that are dead and construction in areas that are not expected can provide 100% protection against beasts. Here are a few easy ways to protect yourself.

Unbreakable Objects

Unbreakable objects are an excellent method to create a safe base. If you place an eagle in Runestone and Swamp Tree, you can easily build your house at a height beyond the range of attack by your adversaries. You just need to create a tiny gap on the ladder. Your enemies won’t be able to leap! You can, so make use of this to benefit yourself.

You could also collect a lot of stone and create an enormous stone foundation. Trolls can still manage to take it down, but they won’t target your structures with intent, and they only smudge the stones when you’re nearby when they attack.

Marsh water Moat

The swamp’s water is full of leeches which can be dangerous for you and your foes. To protect your home from a moat of water that is deadly, create the moat around your home in the middle of the swamp. Keep your foundation (and moat) free of water from the swamp.

Complete the ditch construction and then dig a channel for the water from the swamp. After the swamp water has mixed with normal water, the leeches are likely to spread throughout the track. It is now time to construct a bridge across the moat. Similar to the steps leading to the house built on the solid object, you must create an opening to make sure that monsters aren’t able to attack.

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