Valheim Guide Best Food for Maximum Health

To live to survive in Valheim in the long run, you need to consume a healthy diet. Food is a bit different this time around as opposed to Minecraft. If you eat the most nutritious foods can boost your health. Selecting the best food combos will boost the health score to 250. You’ll also need to journey across the Plains and then travel to the Oceans to reap the maximum benefits.

To come up with the best recipes for your food, you’ll need to search for the finest ingredients. We’ve provided a list of where to locate all the necessary components to make each dish below. It is required to hunt to find Boxes or Kites. The Boxes are gigantic creatures found in the Plains, while the Snakes are monsters living within the Ocean. They are formidable enemies; however, they also give you the most rewards for food items in the game.

In Valheim, the food you eat determines your level of health. The better your diet will be, the better your health. The effects fade, but you can build up the health of your body before you take on the boss. Here’s the food to take in if you’re looking to attain maximum health

  • Lox pie
  • Snake stew
  • Blood sausage

Alternatives: Fish rolls, Cooked lox meat.

The recipe for these meals is a different issue. Each of them can be prepared, but for a recipe to be unlocked for the long-term you must discover certain ingredients. Below , we’ll explain the ingredients you’ll need as well as how to unlock the recipe.

Lox Pie

  • Ingredients Cauldron barley flour, Cloudberry x2, Cooked lox meat 2
  • What is the method to open Kill an lox on the Plains and cook its flesh by the flame to make cooked the meat of a lox. Cloudberries that grow on plains are relatively accessible to locate. Barley flour can be milled within the Barley Mill (grows in goblin villages located on the Plains).

Snake Stew

  • Ingredients Cauldron, Honey x2, Mushrooms x1 and cooked snake meat 1
  • The way to access For you to locate the Serpent’s Meat, find and kill the corpse of the gigantic serpent in the Ocean. Cook it until you can make recipes for snake Stew. The mushrooms and honey are easily found within the Meadows or in the Black Forest. Honey is located by dismantling hives from abandoned structures and then using Bee Mothers to construct your honey hives.

Blood Sausage

  • Enriching Ingredients: Cauldron, Barley Flour x4, Carcass x2, Thistle x2
  • The method of unlocking Carcasses can be located at the Moor by killing leeches. Barley flour is made in the mill using Barley that grows in goblin villages along the Plains. This leaves Thistle as a glowing plant found in the evening. It is found in the Swamps as well as the Black Forest.

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