Valheim Farming Guide

In Valheim, you can not only control animals however, you can also cultivate plants. This lets you make delicious meals and also feed boars and the loxes.

At the very start of the sport, you will find seeds, without being aware of what to do with them. However, don’t fret with this guide, we’ll show you the entire process step-by-step.


To grow your seeds, you’ll require a specific tool called a trowel. It is manufactured in the forge. This means you won’t be able to cultivate anything until you have explored your way through the Black Forest and built a Smelter.

Create a smelter and forge, and you’ll be able to use coal to fuel the smelter and then get bronze ingots made from an amalgamation of copper ore and tin. This allows you to make recipes for the smelter, which requires five bronze ingots and five pieces of solid wood that you can get from the pines found in the Black Forest.

The new machine can plow the soil, making it suitable for agriculture. Fences around fields are not required, but it is attractive, and with no fence, certain plants can draw crowds.


It’s unlikely to find the seeds you’re looking for in the Meadows However; you can already find turnip and carrot seeds within the Black Forest. Then you can plant them in the dirt that you’ve just cleared.

To maximize growth, leave a space of 1×1 between the seeds, and you’ll be able to enjoy a low-maintenance source of food after you’ve planted. Once the crop is mature and is harvested, it will be harvested, and you’ll receive new seeds, which will enable you to grow your farming. Seeds can also be found on the internet.

Rarer seeds, such as barley and thistle, are located in swamps, while flax is a common plant that grows only in plains.

When the forest has been cleared around your house, you are ready to plant trees in the future. The process follows the same procedure as for other plants. There is only one difference: these trees are large, and you must leave a space of 2×2 between them to allow for their normal growth.

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