Valheim cheats and console commands

The Valheim world Valheim is harsh. The danger lurks at every turn, and death will come to you in unexpected ways. If you’d like to improve the look of your server or get over your fear of having to go to the grave for a few minutes, Console commands, as well as cheats, are readily available.

Vilhelm console commands Valheim console commands supply server owners with a range of additional tools which allow the user to configure it and control who can connect and who cannot. Cheats are, however, can only be used in single-player mode. They also provide extra features which are lengthy – or difficult to acquire in the conventional method.

Cheats may cause unpredictable results So, it is important to ensure that you backup your data prior to making use of cheats.

Control Commands for Consoles from Valheim

The Valheim console can be accessed through pressing the F5 key. This doesn’t allow cheating and grants access to server commands listed below. There are no square brackets that must be entered.

  • Ping – displays the server’s delay
  • Kick [username/IP address/IDID/username] – kick the user specified user
  • ba Username/IP Address/ID[username/IP address/ID] – Block the specified user
  • Unban[IP address/user IDUser ID/IP address – remove the banned user
  • banned Show the list of users who are blocked
  • lodbias [numbernumber Set the distance of drawing to the value you specify
  • help – show available server commands (no cheats)

Valheim cheats

As previously mentioned, Valheim cheats only work for single players. Another step is required to enable them. When you call the console pressing F5, type in”imacheater,” followed by “imacheater” (without quotation marks), you will see a “Cheats True” message. After that, you can try any of the cheats listed below. Like console commands, there are no square brackets required to be added.

  • god – god mode
  • healing – healing
  • Killall – – Kill every the nearby enemies
  • go to [x,z goto [x,z] – move to an exact location
  • raiseskill [Skill[[Number]]] – increase a skill by a specified amount of points
  • Tame – to tame animals in the vicinity with this option.
  • resetcharacter reset character, and inventory
  • map of exploration – get rid of the fog of war
  • resetmap – switch into fog
  • Freefly – Make use of the free camera
  • wind [Direction] Strength Set the direction of wind and strength
  • resetwind Reset wind direction and strength
  • help display available Server options (with cheats)

When you’re done with console commands and cheats, Be sure to look over the other Valheim guides. They’re packed with great information!

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