Upcoming DLC For Lost Judgment Will Reveal The Past Of Masaharu Kaito The Protagonist’s Colleague

SEGA as well as RGG Studio have set a date for the release of the DLC of the Lost Judgment game named the Kaito Files. The DLC comprises four chapters that focus on Masaharu Kaito, a private investigator and the protagonist’s companion, Takayuki Yagami.

When Yagami is in town, Kaito takes on a new case that proves to be tied to their past of his. As the story progresses, the investigation searches for his former girlfriend, Mikiko. Detectives soon meet an aspiring teen named Jun, whom he claims is the son of Kaito Mikiko and Kaito. Mikiko. Together, they have to uncover the reason for her disappearance. Kaito is at an intersection of the present and past, fighting an organization linked to the criminal wing of the Kamuro-teo District.

Developers are highlighting the following additional features they can add:

  • Unique opportunity to dig into the historical background that of the hero.
  • The detective uses his unique methods of investigation, allowing you to actually sniff out clues, without having to rely upon “trendy tools” Yagami.
  • Kaito has two different styles of fighting that include “Tank” in addition to “Bouncer”.
  • The detective will be facing new bosses.
  • Kamuro-teo’s streets Kamuro-teo are lined with fresh souvenirs.

The Kaito Files will arrive on PlayStation and Xbox on March 28. The add-on is available in an ultimate edition of the The Lost Judgment ultimate edition as well as the season pass. It is also available for purchase on its own.

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