Ultrasone Meteor One Test

Bluetooth is a bit snubbed by gamers because of the high latency in transmission. However, the Meteor One indeed has a low-latency mode. The Bluetooth jack is an option to play on consoles. But it’s not a good option for gaming on consoles. Meteor One has neither an equivalent volume control nor a microphone button. Both are options you shouldn’t wish to be missing when playing with the gamepad, especially if you do not want to constantly fiddle with the menus of the console you’re using.

Ultrasone has consciously selected the Bluetooth audience. But, they certainly will get something worth the expensive price. The headset is safely packed inside a hard case and comes with a USB-C mic to enable Bluetooth use, as well as a small USB charging cable and the 3.5-millimeter cable with a microphone that can be used for analog operation. It is possible to operate the headset using this USB cable will not work in this way, as it’s an unrestricted charging cable. In addition to two external microphones, the headset has four built-in microphones, one on either side, which offer clear voice transmission.

The headset creates a professional impression. It’s compact but robust, featuring dark-red trims and buttons. The earcups can be rotated and folded down to make them as small as possible to transport. The weight of 238 grams is meager and, when combined with soft padding, makes for comfortable wear even for long periods. The battery, in addition, can last between 15 and 15 hours in two hours of charge time; therefore, longer durations will not be a problem.

On the left is an option button that toggles power and pairing mode ON/OFF and adjust the lighting (logos on the sides). On the right, you manage the volume (not in the jack mode), and you can locate a control for music and play/pause.

In the earcups that are comfortable 40-mm drivers that have between 20 and 20,000 Hz with 32 ohms have been installed. The inside Ultrasone S-Logic Technology is supposed to deliver a clear sound, and it does so. In terms of sound, it sounds great, but the Meteor One can be accused of having very little. Overall, it’s a sizzling sound that has broad space. It’s not for everyone, but it’s soft and not harsh-sounding. The mix is pretty balanced with a slight tendency to bass, but it is not overpowering, however, and permits the crisp highs to shine brightly and with a lot of presence.

This will make you at ease with games and films and music. The headset cuts an impressive figure for analog operation through the jack connection. Short explosions, a large sound picture, and many details that don’t lose their value are convincing.

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