Two More Heroines Will Soon Join The Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s creators Genshin Impact have revealed two new heroines appearing in the game shortly. The two have long been rumored to be in the game, and now players have witnessed them. Primogams are ready!

The world first was introduced to E Lan Her component is Hydro. The description says that she works in the Department of Citizens Affairs position. ” Like a ghost and ghosts, she is seen in various disguises at the center of the drama and vanishes when the storm is over,” the developers note. Lawyer Li Yue Yan Féi recommends treating Ye Lan like an ordinary person, but losing control over discussions is possible.

The next one was Kuki Shinobu, a powerful warrior who was also an Arataka Itto, the gang leader. She was a member of the group after the other members. However, she was able to influence each of their members. General Kujo Sara considers her a talented person.

What exactly will the girls be included in the story, and what type of weapons they’ll be using, HoYoverse has not announced. However, in light of previous announcements like this, the newcomers will be in Teivat at least one time after the introduction. This was the case for Yun Jin: she was presented shortly before version 2.3 was released, and then with Version 2.4, the lance player was updated. the new version that included the lance player.

This reminds us to note that Genshin Impact will upgrade on March 30 to version 2.6, which will delight gamers with its Irodori Festival in Inazuma. In addition, players will be able to meet the leader of the Kamisato clan and visit new areas on the world map.

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