Turtle Beach Velocityone Flight Test

This creates VelocityOne Flight to look compact yet extravagant. Although it is not made of the finest material, it has plenty of girths since Turtle Beach uses fairly no-frills, fragile plastic. It is an easy, all-in-one device. It could, given its price tag of 379 euros.

So, based on the first impression, there is nothing that appears to be missing. The controls are all clean and neat. The central unit shines thanks to an ergonomic, large control horn that sits on a small LCD screen. The typical joypad buttons, two thumbsticks, two additional buttons, and a complete set of four buttons for the shoulder (two of which have an analog), are positioned on the screen and are easily accessible without needing to move all the way around.

Normal hardness? It’s not for a typical control horn, which is typically too stingy for usual fire buttons; however, with the current layout, this device is essential since there is no connection to the rudder pedals. Therefore, the only way to use rudders with the Xbox is to use analog triggers. This isn’t a realistic option, but it’s an acceptable option. PC gamers are still given the choice of connecting pedals from different brands in parallel.

To the left of the central unit, there is a quadrant module that includes ten assignable buttons and a four-piece acceleration lever, along with three (non-rotating) rods that resemble the ones used in small aircraft to determine the fuel mix and the acceleration value. Additionally, an adjustable trim wheel determines the exact speed of climb and descent. It is akin to the “steering wheel” of a small or medium-sized aircraft. In contrast, larger airliners and Jumbos can be controlled using a joystick, but that isn’t a reason to stop anyone from being able to steer a large plane through the skies of virtual reality using control with a horn.

A lot of bling to be seen for a variety of features

When it is turned on, the device matches any Christmas tree. There are a lot of LEDs that glow in various shades and highlight the various controls. It may seem a bit gimmicky, but dimming the lights for a virtual night trip can create a relaxed atmosphere, mainly since some LEDs also serve a purpose. The next time we will see it is in February. Presently, the SIP (Status Indicator Panel) is mounted over the area behind the control’s sounder and does not attempt to inform the aircraft of its status. The display is monochrome for the time being.

However, after one of the soon-to-come-out firmware updates, it is expected that the lights will flash to warn of an increase in load if the landing gear isn’t extended during cruise mode or at other times. Through two pinchable foils, You can choose what status indicators you would like to display. Also available on Xbox.

This is a perfect thing, especially for consoles, in that, apart from the ten programable buttons that are available on the Quadrant module as well, the SIP can also demonstrate the usefulness of this Xbox controller protocol to perform purposes that go beyond typical buttons. For example, the steering wheel makers (for the racing game) have had to contend with Microsoft’s insular controller programming for years and, contrary to the PlayStation counterpart, doesn’t accommodate developers. Its VelocityOne Flight control horn, however, allows you to use a range of functions that are difficult or, at worst impossible to accomplish using a regular controller. So, hip hip, hooray, it does work!

As these functions can’t be more different based on the plane you pick, several options are available. You choose to use the tiny LCD screen located at the top of the control’s horn. It’s not a problem, but the screen might need to be larger.

Whatever way you choose, you’ll need to live with the small screen as it’s the only screen where you can toggle to Xbox and PC functions or determine the color and brightness that the lights emit (which can be disabled entirely if you’d like) or manually begin the stopwatch to allow free navigation based on the traditional design. Test functions will enable you to inquire about the fire button’s tasks by examining the screen. Wow. This control horn has almost every part you’d ever need.

Heights as well Depths

It’s a shame to find yourself scratching your head while turning into Flight Simulator. What is it that an Xbox controller with eight axes can do anything within a virtual aircraft? However, does it fails in the menus of the game? To move the virtual cursor to your main menus, you require a mouse in parallel, or a standard Xbox controller, whether on console or PC. Really?

We may like to get the third one off the table if we’re already on negatives. It’s the four-push lever combo for motors that feel far too smooth. There’s no doubt regarding this issue, as they are so soft they’ll probably drop to zero after a couple of years of use. This is a sure sign that they will be a target for modders. It’s a shame considering their capabilities, ergonomics, design, and feature set are excellent. For instance, the reverse thrust position can be utilized at a lower level than the zero position. Also, because of the optional Caps for the grip, it is permitted to distinguish the grips by color.

At the very least, the (arguably unnecessary-looking) menu control issue can still be solved by a firmware solution since, in every other way, VelocityOne Flight meets all expectations with flying colors. The flying experience is excellent enjoyment, thanks to the nimble controls. The steering resistance is precisely correct, and the machine does not leave any doubts regarding its ergonomics. The hugely-sized, precisely adjusted trim wheel is definitely one of the most impressive features on VelocityOne Flight. VelocityOne Flight. If only the throttle controls were as efficient…

However, a couple of enthusiasts may be dissatisfied with the slightly stiff central location of the control for pitch, which has a smoother transition on competitor models that have been tested with PCs like Honeycomb Alpha. Honeycomb Alpha, but these are personal preferences that can be debated without ever reaching a unanimity of opinion.

Discussions on this will be forthcoming among consoles because a Honeycomb controller that has Xbox support is scheduled to launch within the 1st quarter of 2022. Also, consider the impressive Hotas joystick. As we all are aware, it is a great way to boost businesses. The VelocityOne Flight is able to be expanded or modified in the future thanks to the modular structure. The possibility of a module with better thrust control as well as a port for pedals might be in the pipeline. Whatever the case, the product that Turtle Beach has delivered is promising and could become the foundation for a fan favorite.

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