Turtle Beach Recon Controller Test

The design of the controller is like that of the first Xbox controller. The Recon is only a bit heavier, with around 300 grams. The layout of the buttons is like the original one. However, the Xbox button is placed a bit higher, and an audio-control panel has been added instead. We’ll get to that in a second. Because of the textured grips, the gamepad is as comfortable when held in hand, similar to the Microsoft original. It’s also not prone to issues even in long gaming sessions.

The bumpers, sticks, triggers, and action buttons are all acceptable and are functional, even if triggers are louder than usual. It’s a shame it doesn’t have a hair trigger feature that has a narrower path, but this is a 60-euro controller. It’s impossible to be everything. You have a slightly spongy 8-way Dpad and two paddles at the bottom that can be assigned at will. Four profiles can be saved regardless of the choices that aren’t as expansive as those on higher-end gamepads.

The Recon that is officially licensed for Xbox, in addition, is particularly interesting for those who own analog cable headsets that are connected using 3.5-millimeter jacks. The audio output for the headset is found in the standard location. The audio control pad on the controller provides a range of exciting possibilities.

It allows you to adjust the volume and the chat balance using sliders. Microphone monitoring is also supported. Additionally, there’s an option to muffle the microphone. There are also 4 EQ presets (standard bass, treble voice) and the unique feature, Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing, that, reduces bass and enhances details in shooters. It is believed to improve the opponent’s perception (whether it is true – it is a matter of personal preference).

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This is fascinating, particularly since it will enhance your old headset, making it more convenient. Wireless headset users are, naturally, able to do the least amount of this, which is why the Recon isn’t a good fit for users of wireless headsets. It’s worth noting that Pro-Aim is located on the lower paddles. This controls the analog stick’s sensitivity in four steps to enable you to target more precisely. If this function can be utilized effectively at the moment, we’d like to question it. However, we can say that it’s a good thing.

Overall the controller has left an impression that was positive for us. We played with it extensively during our evaluation of Far Cry 6 and couldn’t detect any significant defects. Its audio features, on the contrary, proved to be extremely useful, particularly when it comes to quickly altering the volume and the balance of game chat and the ease of accessing settings.

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