Trek To Yomi Test

The path is filled with fights because the souls of the deceased will not allow Hiroki go. Former foes oppose Hiroki, as do former companions that blame the Samurai their deaths. By combining blocks as well as quick katana slashes, and other weapons, such as throw knives to slash the enemies down and also occasional enemies that originate directly from Japanese mythology.

Although the battles are usually 2-dimensional, when we are not in them we often go deeper by exploring screen-sized adventure zones you can choose to take one or the other route to gain improvements in stamina, health and weapons. Additionally, there’s information that provides more details about Hiroki’s mind and the world made by the deceased. Very rarely, on other hand, are simple puzzles in the form of that require three different symbols to be placed in the correct order.

A strong style However …

You are transported to an eerie world where design is the main focus of the show. The floating islands, temples villages or caves appear like black and white pieces of art thanks to the stark contrasts, beautiful backgrounds and carefully chosen camera angles. We love to stop and take in the beauty. Lightning or fire makes the landscape glow in sparkling white, while others are sucked into rich black. The stark contrasts can cause it to be difficult know where to go and we must quickly test where we should follow next.

However, the amazing graphics style isn’t implemented in terms of gameplay. Incorrect controls make fighting an exercise in patience and again, as blocks that are missed or combos are not activated. Yet, it is possible to defeat the same enemy by combining simple and powerful attacks. The reason why identical-looking enemies may take two or sometimes five hits is beyond us during the entire game.

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The plot, which seemed promising in the beginning, does not unfold. We can, of course, select between various answers at certain points, and alter the direction that the plot takes. But suspense and momentum are snuffed out because the story is told in a manner that is sloppy and is paced predictably. Due to the multitude of conflicting events, Hiroki’s story almost disappears into the background. It is more appropriate to place it in the middle …

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