Trash Sailors Review – Lots of Chaos in a Sea of Garbage

We have snubbed concern for the environment and dumped waste in the sea for a long time. Nature responded with a massive tsunami that destroyed the civilization. The survivors are now huddled on a small boat and attempt to survive in a hostile environment. What was the experience of the group through the waste after the apocalypse? Share your thoughts by writing a review.

  • Developer: fluckyMachine
  • Publisher: tinyBuild
  • Release date: December 16, 2021

Let’s get started with the great stuff. Trash Sailors is charming and attractive. It features hand-drawn characters and scenes with quirky animations and a humorous black comedy; this game can be funny at the most bizarre moments. A character flips out of a raft in the water, or a bird flying around the world lands right on the camera of the cameraman, or a funny comment can bring an emoji.

Heroes can be customized before swimming: A fragile woman wearing the BDSM mask is just as good. The same goes for a fat man wearing the head of a cat. These images don’t affect the character of the animals. However, each has distinct advantages: someone is better able to scoop up litter, another manages to handle the boat more efficiently than other people, and many more. In addition, the raft can also be improved and improved “cosmetically” by putting in the cactus tub as well as installing a carpet over the deck, as well as with various enhancements, such as an energy-efficient engine or upgraded onboard weapons.

After all the preparations are completed, you’re ready to begin sailing. It’s time to start the Trash Sailors campaign comprised different levels that last for a few minutes. They must swim from beginning to end. On the way, they will collect trash which is then sent to a specific recycling machine to create fuel for engines and weapon shells, in addition to making coins, which can then be put towards future upgrades and clothing.
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The concept sounds easy seems like a good idea, but the game is a mess. It’s a lot of fun, but playing Trash Sailors alone makes no sense. You simply cannot manage the number of tasks that the game assigns. Even two of you aren’t enough, and to maximize your efficiency, it’s recommended to bring two more players. It is possible to divide the work Someone is fishing out of the water trash while the other will be seated at the top of the mast, shining in the way to the spotlight, the third one will sit at the steering wheel, and the fourth repel the pesky alligators as well as other adversaries.

The game’s developers have come up with several obstacles. From the many challenges that are simple to overlook when you are in the process of collecting trash or scavenging for scrap to the waves that could wash an unintentionally drunk person overboard and cannons that discharge explosive mines onto the raft. This is why the two partners shout at each other or get angry. Or conversely, celebrate joyfully after avoiding an inevitable collision.

It’s fun, but obviously, it’s the responsibility of your teammates – just like any game played with a team, it’s essential to establish an environment of shared adventure here. Trash Sailors appears to be doing a great job. A great game to enjoy playing with friends without being a masterpiece.

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