Transport Fever, the successor of Transport Tycoon Deluxe

The new benchmark for transportation management games

However surprising it might seem, the reference in terms of transportation simulation is Transport Tycoon Deluxe, released in 1994. more than 22 years ago, not less!

The 8th of November 2016., Urban Games offers us Transport Fever, the descendant from Train Fever and we were impressed by the excellent quality and design of this game. The graphics are nice, as well as the game’s gameplay is fluid and simple to grasp, and the strategy will have your brains firing!

We will find the classic in Train Fever so road and rail equipment as well as the air and naval which will help you play and make it a little more your strategy.

The law of demand and supply

Are you reliving bad memories from economics classes? For those who have, it will be necessary to revisit it since this game is completely based on it!

Actually, unlike Transport Tycoon, where you delivered items between point A and B by improving the route now and then to move faster and more efficiently, here the case is that if a business doesn’t have an interest in their product or service, they will not make any more, and you’ll quickly end up in debt if you have seen too much!

In addition to this rule and the law of the land, there’s the”20-minute rule. “20-minute rules”. If a resource can’t reach its destination within no more than twenty minutes at normal game speeds, it won’t be able to utilize your system. It’s your responsibility to figure out the most efficient route and, in particular, the best mode of transport!

150 years of history in transportation

From 1850 until today, You will see a variety of vehicles that you’ll likely encounter during your play. You’ll probably have your favorite vehicles as your main pet peeves. You’ll be glued to your TV watching them go and come between your stations. It’s an enjoyable treat for your ears and eyes, thanks to the soundtrack and sound effects that are gentle and sweet.

So, we’ll be able to meet more than 120 planes, trains, boats, buses streetcars , trucks and more. All that are detailed and customisable, so you are able to apply your own colors and logos to your preferred machines.

A realistic and dynamic setting

That’s the thing that makes this game so exciting, everything moves, every thing changes, and all things age or become modern. In the end, your clients will see their assets grow to increase their productivity.

These cities are expected to develop depending on the quantity of the goods you provide them. They will expand by building new structures or replacing the old one. L the roads will modernize and grow which will allow your streetcars and buses to travel more efficiently in the midst of the traffic.

Mod and campaign support

Before you begin an endless game , it is recommended to look at the beginning to understand the fundamentals of the game before you move into Campaign mode. A brief match, either set in Europe or the USA, you typically be required to improve your country’s story by assisting companies in building a tunnel beneath the Alps or connecting two cities.

Once you’re prepared and are ready, you can begin your adventure within the plains of Europe and in the deserts in America! The United States of America!

As with Train Fever, the game comes with wide mod support and an active and welcoming group of players.You will be able to download numerous vehicles (especially when you are looking for French equipment) as well as buildings, stations missions, campaigns as well as maps and passengers sporting special skins.

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