Transistor: a big sword for a big game

The game was designed and developed for Supergiant Games, Transistor is the second title by this American Independent studio. The first game they released, Bastion, was an enormous success, with more than one million sold copiesand numerous awards being won. The newest release from the company was thus very much anticipated, and those who played Bastion will discover the same elements that led to its debut a success: Transistor is also an action-RPG that mixes stunning graphics and an immersive world with music that takes us on a journey. Even if we were to criticize the game, Supergiant Gameshas been able to remain in the field, they have mastered, and it’s quite encouraging for the future of the company..

An engaging and rich story

In the opening you feel it feel Supergiant Games influence instantly. The music is infused with poetic wit and takes us into the wonderful world of games.

Let’s jump on the journey. The player is Red the singer who lives in Cloudbank. Cloudbank.But the city is attacked by an adversary: “The Process”. In one of their concerts, the heroine (Red for those who aren’t following) is assaulted and loses the ability to sing. On top of her is an adult body, with a gigantic sword inserted through his body, The Transistor. The sword is engaged with the heroine in conversation, and the story is launched. As you might have guessed (or perhaps not), the Transistor is the one who tells this narrative during the game, which is cool. The story’s origins and background are revealed as we move through the game by cleverly pacing suspense.

Simple and easy to play

Red comes with four abilities that can be used anytime and without restriction. These skills are beneficial in moving around the city eliminating obstacles that block our way, but they are ineffective in combat situations when utilized in normal situations.

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