Train Station Renovation Review – Fixing Chilim Review

Live Motion Games has released an enjoyable simulation that takes place in abandoned railway stations, with the help of the publisher PlayWay. This article will provide an outline of the features that make Train Station Renovation such a captivating game.

  • Producer: Live Motion Games
  • Publisher: PlayWay
  • Date of release: October 1, 2020

You’re an unemployed restoration worker and you’re charged with cleaning out decaying railway stations. You’ll be equipped with a variety of tools, techniques, and creativity to transform these wrecks into areas which can accommodate trains as well as their passengers.

The game has a series of sites, each having each having its own tale: one utilized to keep radioactive materials following closing and was later destroyed by rivals jealous of each other while a third was destroyed because of rising sea levels. It’s not a lot of information is provided, however the game “enlivens” the website and provides a incentive to visit it.

When selecting a new task after which the player is taken to the location, which is the station itself as well as the area surrounding it. There’s plenty to be done: pick up bottles and cans scattered about cleaning graffiti off of the walls, repair worn out sleepers, clean rusty rails, repair damaged windows, and paint the ceilings, and the list goes on.

It’s only necessary to complete some not-so-complex tasks before you can access another station. However, you’ll desire to spend more time at each station. It’s an extremely measured and addictive gameplay.

There’s no need to hurry You can do what you like. Make sure to walk around the area and take out all the garbage. Make sure the wheels are fixed on the locomotive. Create a nice appearance for buildings. Maintain the exterior and outside. By opening the device, you gain access to the shop, where you can find cabinets, benches tables wall clocks, ornamental elements, and other things that must be organized in the area. and so on. The environment is transformed through your actions, and this motivates you to finish your goal with 100 percent.
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Furthermore, if your hurry from one objective to the next and fail to be able to earn the stars required to enhance your equipment. Stars are awarded when you make certain levels of progress, like 60, 80 and 99 percent of the reconstruction of a station. New equipment can speed things up significantly and instead of scrubbing graffiti using sponges, for instance it’s possible to wash off the designs in a flash using a powerful washer.

In all, Train Station Renovation has its own drawbacks. The routine gameplay is an advantage as well as a drawback of the simulation: in several stages you’ll perform the same task apart from the change of scenery. Furthermore the game doesn’t require you to behave “beautifully” like, for instance when you’re given the responsibility of placing six benches in the station You can also stack them together – this will be considered a successful achievement of the target.

For images, the game isn’t perfect. The models of the carriage and train are detailed however, inside the station interior are difficult to view and the list of products available for purchase isn’t exactly large. The developers are promising to include more content in the game, however according to me, it would benefit from the help of mods. In terms of music, soon there will be a desire to turn it off or muffle it. off the music.

After having rebuilt the train station love to see it full of people who work there and passengers waiting for their turn. Unfortunately, as we see the fruit of their labours we’re left in isolation. Last complaint is it is that the Russian localization leaves a lot of things to be wanted.

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Although Train Station Renovation has its flaws, I would recommend taking an in-depth look. It’s a virtual reality experience which you can use to take some time: you can Spend a half-hour remaking another location, and then enjoy the camera’s flight over the newly remodeled train station, then close it down, and then head back to your favorite online shooter. If you’re looking for a way to get away from more serious tasks at times it’s a good alternative.

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