Total War Rome Remastered – cheats and console commands

Total War: Rome Remastered is finally available and has reignited the flame of nostalgia in the souls of many players by introducing long-awaited enhancements to the game to bring it to the same level as modern-day competitors. The essence of the game remains the same, and players will be delighted to know that cheating and console commands are preserved in the latest version, as well.

List of console commands and cheats

In reality, Total War: Rome Remastered cheats and console commands are identical to the that were used in 2004. Anyone who added these to aid themselves in playing the campaign of this strategy classic 17 years ago is able to discover the game’s secrets when playing the game remastered.
  • Create_Unit (name of the general) (name of the unit) (number) – Adds the specified number of identified units into the armies of the specific general
  • give_trait (character name) (ability) (level) The specified character the level of the ability named
  • process_cq (settlement name) – completes all constructions that are in the settlement queue named after it.
  • Add_Population (settlement title) (amount) – augments the population of a given settlement by the amount specified
  • capture_settlement (city name) – gives you control over the city you want to control.
  • the oliphaunt offers you one elephant of Yubtseb
  • Add_money (amount) – gives the amount of money specified
  • kill_character kills the character
  • season (summer/winter) – changes season from winter to summer
  • Date (year) – changes the year of the campaign to the year that is specified
  • Jericho is a weapon that destroys walls of enemy
  • toggle_fow – toggles between war and fog
  • auto_win (attacker/defender) – automatic victory in battles that are automatic
  • toggle_perfect_spy – increases the capabilities of espionage to their maximum and offers an infinite possibilities

Total War: Rome Remastered was released for PC on the 29th of April 2021. We played some of it before the release date and put together a review and guide for anyone new to the game. We would recommend taking a look.

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