Tormented Souls Review – When Nostalgia Isn’t Enough Review

Tormented Souls has a surprisingly large user base on Steam. The game seems to be a hit with gamers longing for the classic horror games that enthralled us many decades ago. Indeed, it appears to be an impressive mix of iconic Silent Hill and Resident Evil at first glance. However, once you take a more in-depth review of the game, its appeal fades off. Write us a review of what makes you excited and what frustrates you about horror.

  • Developer Two Effects, Abstract Digital
  • Publisher: PQube Limited
  • Date of release: August 27, 2021

When she receives a photograph of the twins who have been missing for a long time and a hint of the location they could be, Caroline Walker immediately goes to the address. This leads her to an uninspiring old mansion.

In the hallway that first appears, the girl is hit on the back of her head. She wakes up in a tub – without clothing, with one eye missing and a ventilation tube inside her mouth. After a brief struggle to free her, she wears a short dress and a jacket. She then arms her with lighters and quest to find the truth.

The main storyline is evident in the first few minutes of the story. Some commonplaces such as portals to the past do not have a rational explanation. The plot that is Tormented Souls is interesting to follow. The script is simplistic. However, it is not without “soul,” as in the case of a great B-movie, but the writers just a less fervor and money.

The many classic horror films inspired the writers and artists for Tormented Souls. The massive mansion, with its numerous corridors and halls and the fixed camera in this film, appears to be taken from The Resident Evil series. The crazy cultists, as well as the mechanism of periodic shifts to the otherworld, were directly out of in the Silent Hill series, and Caroline herself appears a little like Heather, who is the main character in the third chapter of the series. The look of the monsters brought back memories of the original The Suffering. “Tank” Control and the requirement to collect spools so that you are in a position to save yourself (and within the strict boundaries of areas) are all present.

This can add tension to the game: In addition, due to the awkward camera angles, you can’t always detect them the moment you enter rooms, or even the loss of a person can cause the player to be delayed by about a half-hour.

Carolina is extremely scared of darkness, which is why she is confined to areas that are not lit with a flashlight and her weapon (an abrupt callback in Doom 3). This also adds a dash of hardcore. In most cases, you must flee from the evil forces to locate a refuge of light, from which you’ll be able to fight back.

It appears to be a good thing, and the sense of immersion is intense, and the sensation of nostalgia leads you towards downloading some of the old horror games; however, in the end, there is the issue of and what’s the point of all this? The fun doesn’t be scary because the story that it tells isn’t flashy with originality, and the design of the monsters is honestly depressing, and there aren’t any frightening episodes within Tormented Souls. The scary, gruesome ones are in there; however, the terrifying ones aren’t.

The project attempts to make the player feel uncomfortable by introducing uncomfortable gameplay and artificial limits instead of the actual terror elements. And this is where it fails the most. There is a possibility that you can remove the controls and create a deliberately complex combat system and have the camera show the most unnatural angles. But, this is the laziest method to create fear – but not just for your character; however, your precious time will need to be wasted over, and overtime on the endless playing through just because Caroline is unable to escape the wrath of the beast.

Yes, the most famous horror films were similar as well. However, they weren’t as the developers wanted them to be but due to the platforms’ technological limitations and the gameplay features at the day. The world has evolved since when, and the most influential games in the genre do not require awkwardness. Check out Resident Evil VII, Outlast, Alien: Isolation-these games are contemporary and extremely scary. Similar features, such as uncommon saves, are used more effectively and efficiently, which means they’re not as irritating.

I’m not saying Tormented Souls is a weak game, however. It’s just that its outdated nature doesn’t work for it. It’s necessary to live with it, but you can enjoy yourself with horror, particularly since it is a positive film.

For example, the challenges, many of that are extremely difficult. The game provides clues to each challenge, but they are carefully hidden in the dialogs and settings that only the most skilled player can discern and comprehend the puzzles. Additionally, puzzle makers can be incredibly cruel to younger generations. Can I tell if the young gamer can tell how to use a Floppy disk and how to get rid of its protection against writing?

It’s not unusual to find any item you’ve picked from the beginning of the campaign to be useful towards the end of the campaign, after which you’ll be able to forget about it. It’s also absurd; initially, the Adachi must fight for a long period. The most frustrating part is the non-interactive map that doesn’t show the person or the doors locked or significant objects. Try to figure out where you can find the pedestal has a cutout in the shape of must be placed to unlock the key! In classic horror, the earlier Silent Hill had a map with marks for locations you’d want to visit or enter through locked doors. It also included other puzzles that were crucial to the story.

The mansion’s complexity initially seems overwhelming. However, it is found to not be very large, and you soon learn to get around virtually without a hitch. The developers have created a few convenient shortcuts that can be opened at the beginning of the journey; however, at times, Tormented Souls still makes you run – there’s enough to backtrack within the game to make it easier for you to get backtracked.

Although some parts of the game aren’t as exciting as other areas (hello sewers! ), The majority of the old mansion that was converted into a hospital is a delight. The mixture of intricate interiors and medicine cabinets with gurneys is quite impressive. when it’s in its best light, it’s like being inside the exact mansion of the very first Resident Evil.

Up until the end, I was unsure of what to think concerning Tormented Souls. On one side, the gameplay, like the 20th-century games, is awful, and the game is a mess while the horror aspects are ineffective to create emotions. However, there are excellent puzzles, an uninteresting story, and most importantly, an attractive protagonist. It’s certainly worth watching, but be aware of some aspects to be a bit old-fashioned.

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