TOHU Review – The Adventures of the Cube Girl Review

The point-and-click action game TOHU came out on January 28, 2013 for PC and on consoles. What can you look forward to from this adorable game.

  • Publisher: Fireart Games
  • Publisher: The Irregular Corporation
  • The release date is 28 January 2021

Somewhere in the distance in the cloudy sky, there are fish planets on which a mystifying array of creatures reside. The most notable of them all is the protagonist of TOHU the Girl who is able to transform into the form of a mechanical Cube at any time.

A mysterious criminal entered the peaceful every day life of this wonderful world and began to take down the Sacred Engine that nourishes these celestial islands. The girl rose and fought for her homeland and, where this journey will take her and what the villain’s identity turns into, be able to find out by yourself. I won’t reveal anything. I’ll simply say that there are a few ambiguities and, in the end the story will be turned in the opposite direction.

In the above paragraph the heroine transforms into an enormous robot, which is the theme that many of TOHU’s puzzles are tying to. The character is tiny and agile, she’s able to navigate small tunnels and climb up objects. The cube, then is able to lift something weighty or take part at arm-wrestling.

To overcome obstacles, you require not just strength and dexterity however, you also need the ability to think. Although, TOHU isn’t as complicated quests such as Cradle and Syberia There aren’t a lot of rooms, no items, and any association mechanism! The game does however have episodes that can give you an enjoyable challenge. In addition I was pleasantly surprised by an update to the traditional goat and wolf puzzle one that is a straightforward but fun one.

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“Spy” the answer to the puzzles is an illegal cheating option that is a miniature game, that the player can play and be presented with a comic book that outlines the progress of the next puzzle. There were instances I had to seek assistance on the Internet as there isn’t more difficult than challenging puzzles that are not intuitive, the reason of which is obvious only to the designers for the game. There weren’t too many of them however, and for the vast majority of the part, I was able to play the game with pleasure.

The style of the visuals and music accompaniment of TOHU was as fun. The game is extremely cute The characters are charming (especially Girl) and the settings are bursting with detail. The composer Christopher Larkin, known for his work on Hollow Knight, was responsible for the soundtrack of the game, as well as his compositions are deeply haunting to the point that I couldn’t bear to leave the areas where some particularly gorgeous tunes were playing.

Despite the appeal that the games offer, a few disadvantages should be mentioned. The first is the long animations while performing the same actions , which can’t be repeated. The second issue is the character encoding within this Russian locale (which is odd considering the credits are stuffed with obvious Russian surnames) and, as a result, some of the dialogs wasn’t readable.

Items that are active are not visible, and in each room, you must click on every item in a row to not overlook something vital. It’s important to note the time of the campaign: If you are aware of what to do, you’ll be able to complete the challenge in just two hours. However, if don’t knowwhat you’re doing, you can complete it in just four.

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The show’s flaws don’t take away from its strengths However. If you’re looking for a fascinating and cute animated tale to enjoy to watch for a couple of hours, TOHU is the one for you.


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