Toem Test

A balm that soothes the soul

Tom is a balm to the soul. This is probably how I’d say it in a sentence. In a world that seems to be spinning ever faster, video games give an escape. However, this is often associated with stress and sensory overload. Tom can be described as a large cotton ball to sink into for a restful sleep.

Tom has a warm, heart-warming, and comfortable vibe in every strand that is its existence. The beginning of his story is all yours, where each journey begins and finishes. In your home. in the safe family home that is grandma. She gives you a camera and takes you to the vast wide world to feel the joy. And to capture your adventures through photographs.

The journey begins. One by one, you’ll visit four distinct regions. A small hotel in the woods frequented by hikers, scouts, and scouts. A fishing town where tourists lounge on the beach and old sea dogs dream of days past. A bustling metropolis where employees in a state of stress scurry around the streets and construction workers guarantee continuous shifts. There’s also a mountainous region that is full of skiers as well as quirky hermits.

Their enjoyment of Tom is in exploring these locations and discovering the myriad of stories the developers have put for the players to enjoy. The exhausted hiker hangs his socks by putting them on, and then, one sock has gone missing. If you spot it in the forest, take a photo of it, and deliver the item to your friend, he’s satisfied. The scout has been searching for an uncommon striped mushroom. The punk rocker at the bench in the park would like to feed the birds. However, there aren’t enough breadcrumbs for him to make it happen. A yeti is searching for something as soft and cuddly as him. A balloon family is celebrating a birthday celebration for a child, But the boy-man is swept away by a gust of winds …

Tom isn’t a narrative game, like a typical adventure where every NPC begins by telling his personal life story. Its “stories” in Tom are all presented in one sentence each, or, more accurately, it’s a single image. Some are beautiful, others are a joy to look at, and some are a bit boring, but there’s nothing particularly spectacular about them, and that’s why Tom is an all-rounder. It doesn’t aim to make you feel special, inspire you or make you feel excited, or shake your world. It’s more or less the book with hidden objects that makes you take a long time looking through the many small scenes losing yourself in them, imagining how you can move the images until you realize that you’ve forgotten all else that was there for an unforgettable moment.

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Tom is a game that aims to introduce you to a different approach to things. It will teach players to navigate the world with eyes that are alert and see what other people stare into the dark, to increase their curiosity about the small things in life that are often neglected in busy everyday life. You will not be an observer but a curious person who sees the absolute uniqueness in seemingly trivial things and loves seeing them exposed and helping.

Tom can be described as a sport that requires continuous interest. The curiosity of what could be hiding under the stairs or what animal might be moving in the bushes. Click. Where you snap photos of everything, you see that seems exciting or might be significant. Click! Of the crow who took the Frisbee and put it in the tree. Click! The frozen cone of ice cream floating in the water. Click! The strange man in the trench coat is standing under the bridge. Or lurking? Click! Of the numerous animals you keep in your albums, there’s a prize If you can find the entire collection.

Click! Click! Click! Tom In the sense that it is an endlessly enjoyable game with rewards. It’s not a sport of stuttering, pondering problems, or enduring dangers. It’s just a matter of checking items off the checklist every minute for the image of the snowman that you must be able to take in memory of the sad child. Click! Check. You should have a sandwich for your hungry employee. Click! Check! The shy beetle is the only missing animal within the photo album. Click! Check! Trophy!

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In the end, Tom will take you between five and six hours to go through and complete the challenges up until getting the Platinum Trophy. Even though the emphasis remains on relaxing, boring experience and pure enjoyment of discovery, the tasks get more challenging toward the end, meaning it is at times that a little moment of thinking about the corners is required to find the best solution. In these instances, Tom resembles a “real game,” like an old-fashioned adventure game, for example, and it is even exhausting in some cases since it’s always tricky in the event of a dilemma; however, for these situations, there are numerous guides online. Internet.

In any event, you must let your imagination go free to figure out what you think the “extraordinary moment” is that the raving journalist wants to record in the photograph. What is the best way to “turn into an actual flower.” (Answer the question: you need to be behind a wallpaper that has a flower painted on it and snap the selfie.)

Socks to cheer

Tom is a truly meditation experience, for which the dreamy electro soundtrack of indie artists Launchable Socks and Jamal Green is a major contributing factor. The soft, spherical sounds with their enthralling yet calm tunes instantly let your mind wander and be absorbed naturally into the minimalist black-and-white game world. Its unique style is a cross between cute coloring books for children’s comics from the past, old newspaper cartoons, and stamp books, and is to be as serene as it is uninspiring, unspectacular, and as imperfect as Tom itself.

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