TOEM Review – Good Luck Photo Hunting

ToEM from The band Something We Made has an impressive score of 99% on Steam. And you know what? It’s totally deserved! This is what makes this small adventure so thrilling.

  • Producer: Something We Made
  • Publisher: Something We Made
  • Date of release: September 17, 2021

TOEM is about an amazing adventure. The main character leaves his village, equipped by an outdated camera returning to his grandmother with a photo of an incredible phenomenon called “Tom.” It is truly unique and amazing in the world of today and, at the end of the adventure, you’ll discover the reasons.

The protagonist’s journey traverses several places with strange characters, and a variety of tests are in store for the protagonist. To help, they’ll be happy to give out stamps which, in turn, will be required to obtain an entry ticket to get the free shuttle bus to get you there. The general rule is whether you want to or not. However, we must get into the issues of the locals and assist them. The quests are optional. You will be awarded an award for finishing about 50% or more of them.

You’ll likely want to finish each mission. However, since a number of them are hilarious, You’ll be able to help ghosts that have been lost in the world, then head out to find balloons on the demand of his parents who are in denial and then don the hat of a reporter and appear as paparazzi during an event for fashion. Most of the missions require assignments from local photographers, who are asked to take pictures of specific scenes and objects.
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Many quests are interconnected; therefore, if you are stuck in your search, don’t fret – you’ll likely return to it in the future. For instance, when you first arrive at the place where the protagonist is greeted, he’s required to take a photograph of the hotel nearby so that the entire structure can be visible. It isn’t possible to accomplish this until finding the flying cones that will block the log from the way to the proper position for a perfect angle has been completed.

The descriptions of specific tasks are vague, which is probably TOEM’s biggest drawback. Sometimes, it’s challenging to figure out what the game is looking for, which is why you’re required to walk through glades and streets taking photos of everything, hoping that the game’s questor will notice your picture. It’s not a bad idea to have more clear guidelines or clues. However, in most cases, it’s enough to take a look around, but in some cases, I had the privilege of being “lucky” to be able to stay on for a very long period of time.

If you’re looking for something other than the quests you have to complete, TOEM can offer a photograph hunt of wildlife in the area. The game is full of insects, worms, and birds and offers an additional reward to players who can find and capture all of the pets of the development team, an extremely satisfying accomplishment.

The camera features can be fun to experiment with. You can not just alter the zoom but also like to create selfies that show various emotions. Gradually, the camera’s user gains new features as the horn helps in scaring birds away and the tripod allows users to capture photos from an extended distance, and the mountaineering gear allows you to scale cliffs with a steep climb.
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Additionally, there are games in which there are many hidden chests containing things of clothing, unsettling space cubes, and amazing creatures that can be captured only when you meet certain conditions. It is impossible to lose yourself within the tiny spaces, and the entertaining scenes performed by the characters are sure to make you smile.

TOEM can be played in just two to four hours and doesn’t make you feel bored. However, it does provide genuine feelings and a great sense of relaxation. The game gave me two beautiful evenings and helped me rid my mind of all the unnecessary concerns. It was a bit sad that it was over so fast. I would have loved to spend longer in a stunning landscape of black and white.

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