Tip The Last Guardian All Trophies And How To Get Them – 100% Guide

The Last Guardian The Last Guardian: Trophies Guide

Bronze Trophies

Even with the length Continue playing until the final

Simply play the game The Last Guardian for a chance to win this trophy

Fast Messenger to finish within 30 hours or less

You can unlock this achievement when you complete The Last Guardian within a maximum of 30 hours.

This is a sit!Hit armor with at least 20 barrels and vessels.

This is where precision is required. If you strike armor using at minimum 20 barrels and other vessel, the award will be waiting for you. It is recommended that you locate an object near your enemies and then throw it directly at them. Then, things become slightly “shady” Start the game from the checkpoint , and continue the process until you get to the required number of hits.

Thunderclap: Take down more than 20 of the armors using Trico’s lightning20 armors to beat with Trico’s lightning. This may sound like an awful lot at first however you’ll be able to reach 50% of it If you unleash your fury and destruction on the balconies near the final stages in the battle. In the white tower, you must also make use of the mirror as frequently as you can.

At the End of the Night The goal is to have Trico be defeated by the least of 20 armors wearing the boy

Trico is expected to finish twenty armors in the boy’s uniform. However, even with this prize Some may look at their heads in disbelief. However, it’s not all that difficult to do: in the race against the White Tower you just have to march toward the largest number of armors as you can to take them out. Following your death you return to the checkpoint, and continue the battle.

Training makes perfect Try to have Trico grasp a barrel that has been thrown in the air for 20 or more times

Trico must capture a barrel on the fly 20 times before unlocking the feat. In this scenario it is recommended placing the barrels on top of a high point (rock or cliff.). And then, you can throw them. In this way, it will be much easier to grab the barrels in the air.

Broad Back: It lands in Trico when thrown from the car

After being exiled from a cart you’ll need to crash into the back of Trico. It’s pretty simple to understand.

Crypto-Zoologist: Rub your fingers on all hostile animals

For this prize, you have to be able to touch all animals of the enemy for at minimum once. In this case, it is recommended to wait for the part that has an white tower. Here you can reach all of the Tricos at once and get the feat. If you’re looking be sure to stay on the safer side, you can take a look at the specimen you found right after the dive.

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Collar: Let Trico look in every hole

Silver Trophies

A light footed Sand Messenger: Reach the final destination in less than 15 hours

Like The Bronze counterpart, you have to complete The Last Guardian within a specified period of time. In this instance it’s 15 hours but it should be enough for most players to complete their first game.

Everything is discussed Pay attention to every hint

The ability to listen to every hint does not sound like a difficult task. It’s not, as long as you’re patient. Once you spot the new clearing or new space, you settle at your desk in order to “think” to take a while to look for clues. This is all there is.

Dress up Take all of the costumes of the boy then put them in

In fact, you’re required to locate all the boy’s costumes to win the trophy, and then wear them. However, it’s been found out in a number of tests that it’s already enough to put them into four different collections of clothing.

Escape me! Cling to the back of an armored suit at least 30 seconds, or longer

You have to cling to the back of the armored suit for minimum 30 seconds to achieve the achievement. This is a bit of practice and agility. It is best to use an armor that hasn’t yet seen you. Use the circle button hold the armor in place, but make sure the armor doesn’t slide off its stability. It is better to let it go for a few seconds prior to and then grab it once more. So, you get the 30 seconds quickly.

My imaginary animal: Paint Trico’s whole body

In order to do this, you need paint the entire body of Trico. The explanation is clear.

Barrels to balance Take a walk of at least 10 meters , while carrying at least two barrels that are stacked

To transport two barrels over each other for at least 10 meters isn’t an easy job. But, with a bit of planning you can accomplish it in the first game room. Pick up the first barrel, and, using a lot of skill, set it on a smooth surface which you’ll have 10 meters of space in one direction. You can then find a second one and place it on top of the other and then lift the two. The stack that you are now carrying 10 metres in the “free” direction, and you’ve got the result.

“Recovery Line” to save your self at minimum 10 times before sliding through the tail of Trico

You need to stop yourself from falling at least ten times by falling, using the tail of Trico to assist you. There’s nothing more to talk about this accomplishment.

Gold Trophies

Lightning Messenger: Finish within 5 hours or less

For the trophy it is necessary to go through The Last Guardian in just 5 hours. In reality, you must have a good understanding of the game and skip all extra tasks. Detours from the main route should be avoided as it will not work.

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in touchable messenger To finish in a matter of minutes without “Game Lost”

This is only that is for the real pros: Finish the Last Guardian without seeing the words “Game Over” at all. The amount of time spent is not important So, be extra careful.

Fully: Give Trico every single barrel

To gain access to this level All you need to do is to give each barrel you have to Trico. In essence, that’s all you have to do. But, it must be noted that there’s an entire the 96 barrels that you can find within The Last Guardian. If you’re unable to find them, you’ll need to run several times to master the game.

If it wasn’t fully grown Do the following: Take down minimum 10 of the armors cutting off their heads

Take ten armors and behead them to kill them. That’s the goal. To do this, you need to avoid immediately destroying the armors. Instead, you should knock them over and then go straight to their heads and hit on the circular button. After a quick edit with the analog stick you’ll be holding the head on your hand.

the Call of Nature: The Call of Nature: Trico … In a moment of embarrassment

You have to catch Trico in an awkward situation to allow him to be able to attain the goal which is to do the time of his “business”. In this case, your abilities as a professional are sought-after When Trico raises his tail at an unguarded situation to go about his business, you instantly snap his exposed rear end to focus. After a successful snap then the trophy is yours.

Continue Moving Dodging Trico for three or more minutes while Trico gets wild in the room of antennas

For this award You must be present with Trico in the room for antennas. Then, he goes into a frenzy and whips around with a flurry of force. The next step is to stay clear of Trico’s attacks for at least 3 minutes. Also , keep your eyes open for any possible cover and, if you’re not moving, keep it up.

Help in an emergency Remove any spears that are in Trico as fast as is possible

Fingers with nimbleness are required You must take away all spears and spears off Trico’s body as swiftly as you can to achieve the prize.

Platinum Trophy

The Last Guardian: Collect all the other trophy

When you’ve won all the bronze, silver and gold trophies from the game, you’ll be awarded the ultimate accomplishment.

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