Tip State Of Mind Trophy/Achievement Guide: 100% Guide

Time to play approximately. 10 hours

Playthroughs 2, (can reduce to one via chapter selection)

You need help with the puzzles of State of Mind?Here you can find our “h2”>Story Trophies/Achievements in State of Mind:

The next Achievements immediately in the event that you continue the story. You won’t be able to be missing them unless you decide to cancel the story before you start.


Welcome home, sir


You’ve met Simon.

Bronze trophy / Gamerscore 15

Enjoy the sunniest day


Adam John was taken by Adam John to the hospital.


Bronze Trophy / Gamerscore 15

Raven Black Weekend


You’ve completed the initial chapter.


Bronze trophy / Gamerscore 15

Sigmund could be very proud


Adam was awakened from his nightmare.

Bronze trophy / Gamerscore 15

The system retaliates

Richard has been through the Doomsday raid


Bronze Trophy / Gamerscore 15

Facial to facial


Richard Adam and Richard Adam have been friends since they met.

Bronze Trophy / Gamerscore 20

Nanny Nanny


Adam has been in contact with Sally.

Bronze Trophy / Gamerscore 20

This is insane


Lydia has found her new home


Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 20

Sea Anemone

Adam has made the decision to remain.

Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 30

The whole thing against one

You’ve taken out the fourth chapter.


Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 30

The New Humanity


Richard took in Kurtz’s speech


Silver trophy / Gamerscore 30


Richard as well as Lydia have made it to the underground


Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 40

There is no place like home


Richard has persuaded John to go home


Silver Trophy/Gamerscore 40

Wizard of Oz


John has made it to his goal of the Great Hall in the Dome


Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 60

Role Credits


Congratulations. You’ve completed the game

Gold Trophy / Gamerscore 90

Decision Trophies/Achievements in State of Mind:

The Achievements listed below depend on your choice and your gameplay. This means that there are two different Achievements that are available for a majority of the occasions and you’ll only choose one based on the event you choose. So , if you’d like to obtain both, you’ll need play the specific scene two times. It’s not necessary when you load an save game at the same time as is possible. The chapters are all saved as savegames. So you can simply call up the respective scene at any time and get the corresponding trophies/achievements. To get the trophy for a good or bad father, you must play a longer portion for a long time twice.


Chef Chef


Adam offered John his favourite dinner.

Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 30

Check out “Variety Is Good”

Variety is great

Adam did not offer John his food of choice.

Bronze Trophy / Gamerscore 20

At the start of the game Adam must prepare the dinner for John. For this you must visit the kitchen and utilize the Food Assembler two times to prepare a meal and another time for drinks.

If you adhere to Bot Henry’s advice and make John cornflakes first, and then chocolate, you will be serving his favorite dinner and receive the award Chef chef. If you choose to offer something else the reward will be the achievement Variety is the spice of life.

Sleep well, my son


John fell asleep.

Silver trophy / Gamerscore 30

See “Lullabies Unknown”

Lullabies Unknown


John did not go to sleep.


Bronze trophy / Gamerscore 15

When you’ve completed your second Dragen fragment, in which Richard suggests his love to Tracy, John lies down in bed but is unable to fall asleep. Help John to sleep by using the Smartloft system near the toilet door. Install your Light Snacks music there, select Underwater as the theme and then activate the Hologram Fish. You could also give the promise to ensure that Sally will be around and that you’ll never be dead. If you are able to do this, then you will be able to claim you will be awarded the Achievement Do not sleep My son is certain.

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If you’re on the other side you’re looking to make to hear the achievement Sleep songs to be unknown you can just leave them out John.

The Best dad ever!

Adam was the only one who did things as John would like it.

Silver trophy / Gamerscore 50

See “Worst Dad Ever!””

The Baddest Dad You’ve Ever Had!

Adam did not do anything like John would like it.

Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 30

You’ll be awarded the title The Best dad ever! if you respect and follow through with all of John’s desires. We’re not certain what the exact requirements are. However, we have met the Achievement with the following requirements:

John’s favourite meal was prepared by us (see the achievement the for Chef).

Before his first visit to the hospital John would like to bring his robot Henry along with John to the hospital with him. To accomplish this, you’ll have to bring the remote control that Amy has in her office, that is located on an attached board to the wall. Then, give John the control. John.

When you are on at the Kurtz Recreation Center grounds, John will invite for you to go on a short stroll around the park. To accomplish this, you must walk to your left at the intersection, and then stroll around towards a pond. There you can hunt for fish.

When you have met Sally, the robot Sally, John would like noodles. Make it according to the request using the food assembly program.

In the scene following the first time you meet Sally Go to John’s nursery to talk with his grandfather’s late father on CloudHub. If you’d like to win the award for being an unfit father, keep your conversation up until you are able to erase the grandfather and do it. However If you’re looking to be a great father, don’t remove him.

Following the data segment, ensure that John can sleep soundly (see the Achievement Sleep very well my Son).

However should you make another dish in the middle of everything else, do not get your remote back from Henry or take to the park. You’ll be awarded the rather embarrassing Achievement the Baddest Father Ever!.

Robot Family

Adam suggested Sally the gift of.

Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 20

You’ll automatically earn this Achievement If you ask Adam to give Sally”you” or the “you” in any time during the conversation.


Richard has published an article that pleases his boss.

Silver trophy / Gamerscore 20

See “News Bomb”

News Bomb

Richard has written an article for Breakpoint. Breakpoint loved.

Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 20

After you’ve played in the initial scene Adam The story then jumps to Richard. Richard awakes screaming in a state of panic in his mattress and is immediately called by his editor in chief. He requests you to create the article. You must start immediately. To accomplish this all you need to do is enter the research and then use CloudHub.

To achieve one of the two possibilities for achieving to achieve this, you need to write your article either with a serious or aggressive approach. If you choose the latter, just select your “Serious” type of style to write every paragraph. If you stick to this to the signature you submit, you’ll be awarded an achievement Following.

If you want to write a particularly aggressive piece, you have to literally take a bottle of whiskey drinking two times from the whiskey bottle that is right in front of you on your desk. You will start writing every sentence “aggressively”. In the end, you’ll receive the achievement News Bomb.


Adam has been playing the piano for over five minutes.

Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 20

See “Out Out of Tune”


Richard performed for more than five hours of spinet.

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Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 20

You have to play music for both achievements. Take a trip on the piano along with Adam and perform for at least five minutes. It is essential to make sure you are able to press the details and not simply allow the time to pass. Then you’ll be awarded the achievement Maestro..

Similar to how you’ll also be able to receive an Achievement Tuned however to receive it, you must be seated alongside Richard at the table.

To Freedom!

Simon has helped save more than half the robots.

Silver trophy / Gamerscore 30

See “Egocentric Android”

Egocentric android

Simon has saved just less than half the robots.

Silver trophy / Gamerscore 20

When you reach the Fourth data segment, gain the control of Simon who becomes conscious inside his manufacturing facility, and then voluntarily leaves his room. In the process, robots that follow him, and there is a riot.

To be more precise the bots wish to escape the facility, and are surrounded by drones. You must be aware of three distinct areas via camera, identify drones, and then shoot them down. On the bottom, you will look at the top of which areas drones are operating in.

Shooting drones isn’t a issue: just aim them, trigger, and they’re gone. If you ensure that there’s only one drone in any area, the majority of them will flee. Then you’ll receive the achievement for Independence!.

If however you’d like to use the achievement Egocentric Android and you don’t want to pay for it, just do nothing and just wait for the sequence to be completed immediately.

It’s not really real, anyway.

City 5 was devastated

Silver Trophy / Gamerscore 30

look up “Behind the Eyes of Children”

In Children’s Eyes

City 5 was downloaded in James.

Silver trophy / Gamerscore 30

In the final chapter of the story , you’ll need to make two major choices. In the first, you decide which of City 5 is destroyed or you can save the city that is virtual in James brain. Based on the outcome you’ll be awarded the award It’s not even real or in the eyes of children.

Familie Reunited

Richard is joined by Tracy James and Tracy James back.

Silver trophy / Gamerscore 30

look up “Patchwork”


Richard has a family. More than.

Silver trophy / Gamerscore 30

Another option is Tracy If you decide that Lydia should be downloaded into your wife’s body, you’ll be able to get an Achievement patchwork. If however you decide to select Sally then you’ll receive the Family Reunited.

Be there… Just remain …

Adam was able to spend longer than 25 minutes inside Liquid Sky

Gold trophy Gamerscore 50

When you finally meet Amy when you are in Liquid Sky as Adam, you’ll be able to operate a variety of machines and alter the surroundings. Explore the world and listen to Amy and Adam’s conversations. Adam and Amy that occur automatically

In the end, you’ll need remain within Liquid Sky for at minimum 25 minutes in order to gain access to the Achievement For the Achievement, you must stay … simply be there ….

for Science!

First time, an alternative that is mixed.

Silver Trophy/Gamerscore 50

When you are in control of Lydia in the secret lab for research, and you are given an injection that kills you from Dr. Sykes, you must create a cure to shock Sykes. The ingredients are gamma Farmide trizepam, potassium hydroxide, and trizepam. If you mix them correctly in the first attempt You’ll earn the Accomplishment for Research!.

Tickets to Mars

Platinum Trophy

This prize is exclusively for PlayStation 4 players. You’ll receive it after you’ve accumulated all other trophy.

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