Tip Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Cure Dragon Rot: Resurrect Or Die? This is how it works!

The first thing to remember is that there is no long-term damage if you revive yourself right after dying in Sekiro. Therefore, it is recommended to do this frequently to win a fight in your favor.

The number of times you can revive yourself is shown by the circles in the upper left-hand corner. The symbols are separated by a large black bar if you’ve been restored before. You have first to overcome some enemies once more to recharge the ability (or you lose your life, and the final figure of the sculptor revives you. It’s like the beacons of Dark Souls, and you must be able to fight the enemies for the rest of your life).

Dragon Rot – what is it?

Each time your character dies in Sekiro, the game is infected by something known as the dragon’s rot (you can gauge the severity of the infestation by looking at the clock icon in the upper left-hand corner). The proportion in Divine Assistance will decrease,; in other words, you are less likely to lose ability points following a death based on the good luck. At first, it’s 30 percent, but it falls to 10% as the rot of the dragon increases and eventually drops. It’s not even permanent. Additionally, there will come a time when you’ll be unable to complete the quests of specific NPCs or purchase items from sellers because they’re sick. Be assured that you won’t make it more challenging for yourself for the rest of your life. It is possible to heal the dragon’s rot.

Learn how to cure dragon rot how!

If you’re suffering from dragon rot, you’ll slowly discover more essences of rot within your collection. Check out the description. It informs you that NPCs from games are sick because of Dragon rot. You’ll be aware of this when you speak to them. You will notice that they cough at times, and they cough more frequently as they suffer from the illness. The first NPC you’ll observe is the sculptor from the temple ramshackle.

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Speak to doctor Emma, who is usually in front of the temple. She will send you on a journey to collect sample of blood of the diseased, so she can analyze the results and come up with the treatment.

Learn the description of the essences of rot to determine what NPC is sick, then travel to the area and collect the blood sample of every (choose the option in the dialog box “Take the sample of coughed-up blood”). Unfortunately, the sculptor’s skills are not appropriate for this. But, the best NPCs you could consider for this scenario are likely to be: the elderly lady (where you also found the first amulet of memory) or her son (right next to her) and an estate administrator (in the exact location at the top of a rocky ridge, in the same spot where the birds are) or the merchant at where the checkpoint is.

Then, take the blood sample of the dragon to Emma, and you’ll receive a Recover Amulet along with the drop of blood from the dragon that she has donated to her. From now on, you can free yourself, and the whole game from the threat of dragon rot anytime in a statue the sculpture, as long as you give one drop of blood from the dragon there.

The drop of blood from the dragon is crucial to be aware of this!

Make use of this Drop of Dragon Blood to help treat Dragon Rot on any of the characters sculpted by the artist and restore Divine Aid.

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If you pass away, then you’ll suffer from Dragon Rot. Then, you will need to gather more drops of blood from dragons to treat it once more. Each time you treat the rot in the dragon and cure it, you’ll also require an additional drop of blood from the dragon. To get this blood, it’s not necessary to search for NPCs again. However, you’ll need to find drops and collect them later in the game. They can be purchased from vendors, and some are a reward for specific jobs or tasks, etc. However, they are extremely rare! But, they are scarce!

Beware! If the dragon has advanced for the game of NPC that you can no longer interact with him and thus cannot finish his quest or purchase products from him, especially if it’s a vendor! Repair the dragon’s rot so you can interact with him more! Therefore, always consider whether you’d like to treat the dragon rot right away or wait a while. If you’re running out of dragon blood, there’s no way to fix it until you can find another drop. So, it is recommended to be patient for as long as you can to heal so that you don’t lose any drops of dragon blood! Before boss fights, it is best to avoid doing this because you’ll die often and will not gain any ability points.

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