Tip Red Dead Online Quickly Earn a lot of money – Here’s how!

1. Method to play the main campaign

The initial period that is part of Red Dead Online already includes the main campaign, which players can play with other players. It’s not just well executed but is also a good source of money. It’s possible to earn between 13-16 dollars per campaign. Once you have completed the campaign, you’ll be able to enjoy the sum of 250 dollars. The payouts are contingent on your performance and the completion of the the mission.

Missions that are already completed may be restarted using your main menu. You can also choose to assist players by a rapid joining. Contrary to random tasks of the world of open, high cash can be made quickly through the game.

2. Kill deer in the whitetail and buck

Hunting is also an extremely profitable sport. It is important to pay focus on the fur of the prey you hunt. A high-quality three-star hide is worth much over damaged hides. It is also recommended to skin hunted animals , and then offer the individual parts at the butcher. In this way, you’ll earn an extra amount of money from the hunt.

Although cougars sit on top of the list in terms of earnings but you’ll have a little better experience hunting bucks and whitetail deer because they are more frequent in the world of hunting. If you don’t own bows, you can also make use of your lasso hunt for prey, but without sacrificing the quality. Take your prey with an lasso, walk towards the animal and then kill it using the help of a knife. Deer that are whitetail, cut into individual pieces are currently selling for $16.25 and a little less.

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3rd method: catch trout or salmon

When you’ve reached stage 14, you are able to purchase a fishing rod from the general retailer. If you’re looking to make an enormous amount of money in a short time buy fishing rods and some sea bait to earn the gold bar. If you’re not the other person and make an unintentional snap in your line, you could always go with an ocean bait. If you do, travel towards the eastern or western area of Flat Iron Lake.

This is where the odds are particularly high of catching trout. Also, you should have these fish, as trout are at the butcher’s market at present 4.25 dollars. It is possible to keep 10 of them in your inventory that’s 42.50 dollars. Perch fetch significantly less, however they can be stored in your inventory. Another option could be to use fishing on the Dakota River. But, you’ll need the river’s bait. Be on the lookout for salmon and make sure to bring your catch to the butcher shop in Strawberry.

Only from the huge Sturgeon should you stay away From eating: These fish are far too big to be kept in your bag of pouches and should be mounted on the back of your horse. Therefore, you’ll only be able to carry one. For a mere $4 this isn’t worth the effort.

Fourth method: Go for treasure hunting

Once you’ve received your first treasure map from your tutorial you’ll receive one every five levels , starting at the level 10. They’re extremely easy to locate (significantly less difficult than when playing the single-player) and will earn you between $25 to $100. In addition you’ll also get a nice heap of gold.

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After you’ve viewed the map of treasure the new location appears on the map itself that you’ll have to hunt. Be aware of the vibrating of your controller. The more frequently your controller is vibrating more frequently, the closer to finding the hidden treasure.

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