Tip Pokémon Masters Limit Break: How to get over the maximum level!

You’ll only need to finish the chapter 4 of the primary story. After that, you’ll be able to have at least four limits breaks per player. The level you can reach is contingent on the level of your companions, for instance, have a default max level of. When you perform the help of a Pokemon Masters limit break, you are able to increase this limit of fifteen levels each given time – until you’ve completed the maximum number of limit breaks.

To enable an Pokemon Masters limit break for one particular character You’ll also require certain items that match the role of the companion Helpers require Solidar Nectar, for example while those who are battling rely upon Power Juice as well. Tacticians prefer drinking Bluebottle.

The items are available in various forms (standard super, hyper) in the combat missions for the tacticians, attackers, and helpers. Remember, when a friend has been through several Limit Breaks with Pokemon Masters The more and more expensive versions of items they’ll require to complete each Pokemon Masters Limit Break. In the end, Pokemon Masters doesn’t want to make it simple for you. Enjoy squeezing the boundaries!

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