Tip Pokémon Go Illuminating Legends Y: Field Research, Tasks, Feelinara & Yveltal

The new event for May lasts less than two weeks and runs starting on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021, at 10 a.m. until the morning of Monday, May 24 2021, at 8:30 p.m. and the second time on Tuesday May 25, 2021, at 10:30 a.m. until the Monday of May 31 2021 when it will be 8 p.m.. In this guide, we will tell you what Pokemon you can pick up from Illuminating Legends Y, how to conduct your research, and the other aspects to think about.

Pokemon Go: Illuminating Legends Y, Part 1

Between May 18 and May 24, in the first portion of Illuminating Legends Y, the Unlight Pokemon Yveltal is set to make an appearance in Level 5 Raids in “Pokemon Go.” Other types of Unlight Pokemon like the well-known Alola Mauzi, could also be introduced during the first portion of the event. Take on Team Rocket Go’s thugs to get Strange Eggs. The eggs could contain some of the Pokemon listed below:











Additionally, you will also be able get seven-kilometer eggs during the first portion of Illuminating Legends Y. They contain with a bit of chance of one of the named Pokemon:

Alola Mauzi

Alola Ratfratz






Between May 18 to May 24th, Pokemon Go players* can be happy the Unlight Pokemon such as Dog Custer and Kanivanha will be seen in the wild more often. Additionally, pockets monsters of the earlier event, Illuminating Legends X, such as Fluffy, Parfi, and Viscora will be seen more frequently out in nature. If you finish the event’s exclusive field investigation, you will also encounter Unlight Pokemon such as Galar Zigzachs and Zurrokex.

The AR-based mapping task, in fact they also offer higher rewards over time by way of Galar Zigzachs. Additionally to that, in the initial part of Illuminating Legends, ChargeTM is an option to help Crypto Pokemon to make them forget about the Charge attack frustration and learn a new technique instead.

Furthermore, the infamous Team Rocket Go will crash during the initial part of Illuminating Legends Y. Between May 15 until May 23, you’ll be able to collaborate together with fellow Pokemon Go players* to take on a massive 25 million bullies of the vicious team and gain the following rewards during the rest of the tournament:

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The amount triples XP that you can capture.

Galar Zigzachs appear in stage 1 raids

Possibility of meeting An Iridescent Galar Zigzachs following the ceremony

Pokemon Go: Illuminating Legends Y, Part 2

In the second phase of the festival that runs from May 25 through May 31, you’ll be able of adding Feelinara into your pokedex. In order to do this it is necessary to win lots of hearts by having Evoli as your friend. Additionally you’ll find lots of items for your avatar on sale to celebrate the Binding Pokémon’s appearance in Pokemon Go. Through completing specific event-specific research tasks, players can gain more encounters with Evoli and a few of its variations.

However, Evoli and its Evolution form Feelinara aren’t even the only Pokemon to be in the spotlight in the sequel part of Illuminating Legends Y in “Pokemon Go.” The following Pokemon and a handful of Unlight-type pocket monsters will appear more frequently in the open air, for instance, may hatch from eggs that are 7 km long:

Pokemon Go Illuminating The Legends Of Y. All reward and study

Additionally, in this new May event, there’s plenty to do and a lot of research tasks are in store for you. As part of Illuminating Legends Y in “Pokemon Go” you can exchange Crypto Pokemon, defeat bosses and even catch Unlight Pokemon. In addition, during this time it’s likely that Team Rocket Go bullies to battle Unlight Pokemon to test you to the limits. Below, you’ll find all the research assignments and solutions to them , and what rewards you can expect to be awarded.

Illuminating Legends Y – 1/7

Defeat 5 Rocket bullies – Reward: 15 Pokeballs

5. Catch Five Crypto Pokemon – Reward: meeting with Mauzi

Take home 5 Unlight Pokemon Reward: Meet Alola Ratfratz

Stage Rewards When you’ve completed all the tasks in this stage you will be awarded 1,000 experience points, as well as the chance to meet Skunkapuh as an incentive

Illuminating Legends Y – 2/7

Keep 3 Crypto Pokemon – Reward: 5 Hyper Potions

Revenue 5 Crypto-Pokemon Reward 3 Enliveners

Retain 7 Crypto-Pokemons Reward: 1 Mysterious Part

Stage Rewards If you’ve successfully completed all the steps in Stage 2 you’ll get 2,000 experience points as well as the chance to meet Alola Ratfratz in exchange for your efforts.

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Illuminating Legends Y – 3/7

Defeat Rocket boss Arlo – Reward: 2,000 experience points

Destroy Rocket boss Cliff – Reward the player with 2,000 experience points

Stop Rocket boss Sierra Reward 2500 experience points

Rewards for Stages When you’ve overcome the 3 Team Rocket Go bosses, you’ll receive another 2,000 adventure points as well as the chance to meet Kramurx.

Illuminating Legends Y – 4/7

8. Retention of 8 Crypto Pokemon Reward 1. Moss Lock Module

Earn 8 Pokemon. Reward: meeting with Evoli

Earn 8 hearts along with your companion Reward 1. Glacier Lock Module

Stage Rewards When you’ve completed the fourth and final stage in the “Pokemon Go” event Illuminating Legends Y, you will be awarded 3000 experience point and the chance to meet Magnayen as an incentive

Illuminating Legends Y – 5/7

Defeat 8 Rocket bullies – Reward: 7 Sanana Berries

Use a smoke to reward meeting with Zigzachs

You can catch 20 Unlight Pokemon Reward: Interact with Sniebel

level reward Level Reward: If you’ve achieved level 5/7 successfully and received another 3,000 points as well as the chance to meet Alola Mauzi in exchange for a reward.

Illuminating Legends Y – 6/7

Complete 7 field studies – Reward 10 Super Balls

Claim a successful raid. Reward Dogemon encounter

Find 5 different kinds of Unlight Pokemon – Reward: meeting with Alola Sleima

Stage Rewards If you’ve completed the final stage of the Illuminating Legends Y event, you’ll receive 4,500 experience points and the chance to meet Absol.

Illuminating Legends Y – 7/7

Retain 10 Crypto Pokemon – Reward: 1x Knursp

Be defeated by 3 Rocket bosses. Reward: Meet with Galar Zigzachs

Take twelve Crypto Pokemon – Reward: Meet with Larvitar

Stage Rewards for completing the final stage of this competition, you’ll get 5,000 experience points and an opportunity to interact with Kapuno.

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