Tip Playerunknown’S Battlegrounds Tips For Starting, Effective Healing, Beginner Tips

Do not jump blindly out of the plane when the game has begun. Instead, consider looking to the topography! Beware of places where others are looking to take a trip (for instance, city or the school grounds on center of map). It’s also useful to use the alt key to navigate around in freefall.

When it comes to free fall, you will be able to take on more distance when diving if you keep pressing forward frequently. This will allow you to increase your speed. If you wish to get in as fast as possible, attempt to reach the island the highest elevation you can. Additionally, the parachute may be opened earlier, based on how high the ground is beneath you.

Also, you should think ahead. If you don’t have good equipment, where would you swiftly go? Are you central enough to reach the safe zone quickly when you are in doubt? If you start centrally the enemies could be lurking in all directions. If you begin on the edges you may be able to restrict the direction of attack. A well-placed starting point can simplify your life (and longer)

Increase the volume

A fundamental rule that should be second-nature to you is to be vigilant! Make sure you turn up the volume so you are able to be aware of the sounds around you. Be patient and look out the surroundings. If you’re unsure if there’s another person inside a building, you can take a peek through the windows.

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However, you must be aware to keep as quiet as you can. Therefore, do not constantly sprint across the field. If you live in a house, you should or crawl through the space or slow down.

Shortcuts for picking up and treat

If you see the loot you can find in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds It’s usually better to grab the items while in the inventory. Just right-click on the item you’re looking for. You can also right-click them to equip attachments to your weapon. This is quicker than having to equip the item using dropping it by drag.

Also, you should consider whether or not you should put into the shortcuts menu options the ability to treat specific keys. The basic idea is that you use bandages on keys 8 and 9, medical kits for keys 9 and boosters on key zero. Do you have any buttons left at the bottom of your mouse? You could use these buttons to help make the healing process quicker and simpler

The fundamentals of healing

It’s common to repair yourself in the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground since the battle for survival can be tough. This is why it’s important to be aware of how healing products function:

The bandages take only about a minute to apply and provide 10 HP. However, they must use them only when you have less than 75HP

First Aid Kits can take longer (about five minutes) however, they will provide you with 75 HP

Med Kits can completely heal you (100 HP) However, it takes seven seconds to start the healing process.

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, roughly.

However, there are also boosters. They function in three phases. In the beginning, you’ll be recuperated for a short period. In the second you’ll be running faster and, in the third the damage of your weapons are reduced. Energy Drinks can heal you up to 40 HP while Painkiller gives you 60 HP. However, there is also the extremely scarce Adrenaline Syringe. They’re akin to the Med Kit, only in the form of a booster.

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