Tip Miitopia Mii Codes: Bulk Access Keys For The Best Miis From Zelda, Mario, Sonic And More

It’s definitely an absolute blast creating your own Miis who transform into fierce warriors, brave heroes and, at times, quite bizarre creature types within “Miitopia,” but if you’re lacking in creativity, do not have the desire or time to come up with up a fancy Miis or simply want to check out what other players have come up with, you’ve found the right spot.

In this guide we have listed 20 of the top Miis to date specifically for Nintendo Switch game. These games can download via WiFi with an access code and then make use of in your personal score.

In this guide we’ve compiled the top 20 Miis designed to play the Switch game and can be downloaded through Wi-Fi using an access code and can use to calculate your own score.

If you want to cast a character, you need to choose “Receive” followed by “Access Key”. Then, input the Mii codes in the following.

Miitopia The 20 top Miis to play including the key to access and a guide to the game.

In “Miitopia” you embark to embark on your own journey and create your own hero team with your family, friends members, and with the Miis shown here. Together, you’ll fight the dark Lord who has taken all the faces of the inhabitants of Miitopia even the king’s.

The Legend of Zelda Tingle (Access Key 251LHXC)

Merchant Tingle in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was generously provided by Oskii. Oskii.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Access Key 3L02FXR)

If you’ve ever thought of facing off against The Dark Prince with the nasty Midna This will be the chance to do it. Thanks to the user Phoebe for this idea.

The Legend of Zelda: Ganondorf (Access Key: the number 232YVJV)

If you’re still in need of a villain that is authentic for “Miitopia” then why not use Ganondorf? This information was offered by user Saborseph.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic (access key 8CHGP6P)

The fastest hedgehog on earth is racing right now through your personal Miitopia world. Thank you to the kind contribution of JashuoN. JashuoN.

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Sonic the Hedgehog: Super Sonic (Access Key 4T43BXJ)

The standard Sonic isn’t cool or fast enough? Do not worry because with Super Sonic everything gets a bit more hip. The game was developed by Bigsie. Bigsie.

Mario Bros: Mario (access key: 73FJVND)

Unfortunately, im missing his famous red cap, but there’s something right with Mario. It was created by MarioBrax and graciously made available to us everyone.

Splatoon The Inkling (Access Key 4K89CRH)

The courageous Inklings from “Splatoon” make their return on “Miitopia,” thanks to Genesis’s outstanding work. Genesis.

Emblem: Marianne (access key R1VBVB). Emblem: Marianne (access key R1VBVB)

The process of designing hair for Miis isn’t easy but the user Aaron | BLM went above and beyond and created this stunning Marianne from Edmund in Fire Emblem. Thank you for that.

Kirby Nova (Access key from 6F4505)

This Mii is perhaps the most convincing example of how you can build virtually anything within “Miitopia”. Amazing work from user Jalli.

Minecraft Steve (access code for access: VYNR97)

Each pixel is set individually on this Mii is surely an exhausting task. Thank you to RUD for creating this amazing Minecraft character.

Animal Crossing characters (access key 2NLC1X9)

The user Tomodachi Smash has gone to the trouble of creating a variety of character from The Animal Crossing franchise, all of which are worth a look. Just enter the access code and you’ll be able to access every character from “Miitopia.”

Sam & Max Help Save the World: Sam and Max (Access Key 377RTNT)

Who isn’t at the Nintendo Family reunion on “Miitopia” or in any event? Yes, Sam and Max. Thanks to subby, they are now on the ride and are ready for adventure.

Royal Duchess Diamond Persnickety (Access Key: 2600XWNY)

Do you have any knowledge of the animated show “Foster’s Home for Imagined Friends”? If so, then you must have heard about this sexy girl, the creator of “Miitopia” is sure to have taken some time. Thank you for all your hard work, 123Gamer user.

Mona Miisa (access key 7WWC41H)

We’ve never seen such a beautiful Mii than the world-renowned Mona Lisa. Fantastic work by the user Naki has organized an auction!

Master Properly Mr. Clean (access key 48GM1VL)

Sometimes, the mouth of the bad guy must be cleaned by soap. And who would be better than the famous cleaning guy Meister Proper, who goes under the name of his father, Mr. Clean? Thanks to the user The Ultra Nerd for this Mii.

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Spongebob Squarepants Thaddeus Tentacles (Access Key 6YJCP17)

It’s hard to get more sexually attractive than this. Thanks to PS1 Hagrid, a user of PS1 Hagrid You can now be a sexy jerk in “Miitopia” by putting on this hot model of Thaddeus. Thank you very much for that.

Bugs Bunny: Big Chungus (access key: 833P4D70)

This is a Mii for all of our fans to the meme-culture. We’re hesitant to announce Big Chungus here, but we would like to express our gratitude to the user Wade or Reena for their outstanding work nevertheless.

The Garfield Show: Garfield (access key: #88KKXN2)

Perhaps not the prettiest of all Miis you could download to “Miitopia” However, it’s the one Montage is the least fond of. Thank you to stardraw, a user of the site, for this adorable creation.

Nintendo Collection (access key: 3B5MWNK)

Are you looking to get them all? That’s why you will be able to download the entire collection. The user who has created an entire assortment of Miis for “miitopia” which includes all which you are able to download using the access key above. The dark lord is facing an entire army.

Sonic the Hedgehog The Meme Sonic (access key 4BF7HXM)

We do not have the words to adequately describe this tale of Sonic however, maybe there aren’t any words needed in this instance. Are you looking to frighten the dark prince correctly? Thanks to this re-creation of the original Version of Sonic from the feature film made by user RKS It’s certainly feasible.

More than 1,000 Mii Codes to Miitopia

Do you have any more access keys to Mii you’d like to use? Watch the video on YouTube below for more than 1,000 Mii codes for the most awesome Miis from Miitopia. Which is your top Mii?

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