Tip Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Potions – Recipes & Gestures For Brewing More Efficiently!

Collect ingredients

Before you begin thinking about making a potion you need to gather ingredients. There are some lying in the open on the map, and need to be gathered. Another option to collect materials is to use the greenhouses. In these, you’ll need pick three plants out of its pot, and it will give you a variety of things. These facilities are also able to cultivate plants together using seeds, which will eventually yield the right plants.

Another option is ports keys. After opening the appropriate caskets with keys and the necessary walk distance are able to enter an AR area in which you have to find silt slips.

There are so many ingredients to be found that you’ll soon arrive at a point where your stock is full. If you’re not planning to boost your inventory by acquiring gold, you’ll need to be careful about the ingredients you collect and then dispose of in the dungeon. When you’ve identified the ingredients you are most likely to find often, you will not have to gather them as frequently and you can free up your precious space for more rare materials..

Potions of brew

Once you’ve got the required ingredients, go into the cauldron. Go to the potions menu, and then tap the section in the lower left corner to begin brewing. The window now opens and displays various potions you can make. You can also check if you have the essential ingredients in adequate quantities. If not, the other ingredients can be bought for gold. Certain substances are only unlockable after you get more advanced.

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After you have made a potion and you are ready to be back in the pot. It is now known as waiting. Fortunately, the time to cool down is also reduced when the app is shut down. You can however put three additional potions in a standby so that the process of brewing will go on in a way that is automatic. This process could be expedited by two methods. It is either you make an investment in in gold or make use of master annotations.

Master Annotations

The master annotations are an interactive game that helps make the current brewed beverage quicker to be finished. To accomplish this it is necessary to need to press on the boiling cauldron. After that, you must make three to six movements over the liquid. It is easy to determine the number of gestures you can perform by the quantity of boxes over the kettle.

Eight gestures are available that you can see at any moment by clicking the button for information:

Horizontal swipe

Vertical swipe

swipe clockwise

Wipe counterclockwise

Bring two fingers together

Take two fingers and pull them from each other (“zoom”)

Tap multiple times

Shake the smartphone

If you are using the correct gesture then the question mark in the box is changed to the gesture that corresponds to it. If you miss a step and you make a mistake, you need to begin again. Make sure you note alwayson your list of movements that were correct, as they’re not displayed in the event of an error. If you’ve used the complete list of master annotations to a particular potion and correctly, it is sure to always be visible at a later time.

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