Tip Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Get Energy – How To!


The best source of the energy source can be found in inns that you can be able to find everywhere. They may look different, however, they all have the same function. You’ll need to use a simple motion to randomize dishes that give your between 3 to 10-units of the source. The amount of spell energy you’ll get is dependent on the dish you choose to use.



Tomato soup

3 units

Bertie Bott’s beans

3 units

Tea after lunch

3 units

Pumpkin juice

3 units

Porridge and sausage

5 units

Honey Dukes chocolate

6 units

Fish and Chips and Fish

6 units


7 units

Turkey platter

10 units

How often should I go to the inn?

It is obvious that you’ve eaten in an inn by the smoke that is coming from the fire. In about 5 minutes you are able to eat the next meal and gain energy.


In the greenhouses you can fill up with energy. If you’re at a stop, you’ll be able to choose between three pots of plants. There are usually potion ingredients, but occasionally you’ll also receive spell energy. There’s no way to gather much from this, as you’ll receive just the two items.

Everyday tasks

In exchange for your each day you log in in Wizards Unite , you are awarded various rewards. Sometimes, the player can jump out and thus also the magic energy. There are daily challenges. If you are able to complete these, you will also collect five points of power there.

Purchase in The Angle Alley

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If you find Wizards Unite worth money It is also possible to go to Angle Alley which is the in-game store of the game, and purchase spell power there, in addition to several other things. 50 points can be purchased to 100 coins gold that you can get from the game or you can purchase with real money.

How do you manage energy from spells

In the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to start the game with the maximum amount of 75 units of energy. This may sound like an amount at first glance but it’s a lot of energy that is quickly gone, particularly when you make mistakes with spells. To ensure you’re able to live with this amount over the long haul We’ll provide suggestions on how to conserve energy from spells:

To free the items that can be found from the guards that protect them it is necessary to use different actions in the game’s screen. Because the spell will be more effective the quicker and the more precise you draw the pattern, it is important to be careful not to any interference with the pattern as you could lose a lot of energy trying unsuccessfully. Be patient, stay so that you sit when drawing, so that you don’t obscure the lines.

While it’s tempting in the event that the display is not plentiful and you are unable to find it, avoid wasting your time in search of items that it is likely that you have already gathered enough pieces to register their images at the time of registration. When you encounter such a situation, concentrate on unusual and unique discovery and get away from typical encounters. It’s best to keep an amount of around 10 units if you find an unregistered item.

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Potions help you with more than the spell casting , and aid in saving energy. Make sure to make sufficient Exstimulo potions that will reduce the chances of failure.

Then, you can accumulate enough gold from various activities to increase the amount of energy that a spell can use..

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