Tip Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Battles And Fortresses – How To Win!

On the map, instead of finding a Findable Item secured by an Find Guard the player encounters one that challenges you to combat. The game offers an overall explanation of the procedure however, it’s a bit misleadingly described. Battles are usually broken down by 3 phases: Aim, Spell and defend. The strategy for fortresses is exactly the same.

If you see an elongated circle with an asterisk on it you must touch the screen on the bottom, where your weapon is. Another circle will appear and you’ll need to direct it towards the circle you want to target with your wand in a congruous manner. Make sure you move your finger within the direction of the wand and not the circle that is moving! It will fill the bar. When it’s full then you can carry out the actual spell in the same way you know it. Simply move your fingers across the line as swiftly and accurately as you can. If the accuracy percentage is sufficiently high and you do hit the occasionally red dot that appears, you are in an opportunity to cause serious damage.

After attacking your opponent, he usually moves on the offensive. This is when you must defend yourself by using Protego. Protego magic when it appears by the screen, else you’ll be able to take severe injury. Be aware, at times, enemies may attack you repeatedly in a row. Therefore, you may need to utilize Protego several times and pay close attention to the direction that is indicated by the gesture. Also, enemies can engage in a parry. This is especially true when they have very little energy left.

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Fortresses What they do!

Runestones and chambers: Fortresses are all over the map. The massive structures can’t be missed from far away. This is where the majority of the battles and contact points between spellcasters of the game occur. If you notice an transparent green haze surrounding a fortress, it is a sign that a challenge was recently or recently been accepted by the fortress. This means that you are likely to spot the other Wizards Unite player in the region.

When you go into an fortress, you need to first determine the level of the fortress. The more advanced the level, the more formidable the enemies. In order to participate in the contest you need to redeem an runestone, the value of which may vary between 1 and 10. The value can also impact the difficulty degree some. Additionally, every runestone is part of a family (Beasts Curiosities, Hogwarts, Ministry, etc. ) in accordance with the color. On on top, there is a screen where you can filter them according to family.

Based on the runestone that you select, you’ll get points for experience to the appropriate collection on the tab. This means you can farm XP for particular register families. Furthermore, this lets you collect fragments of Findable Items of the corresponding category.

Vocations during multiplayer: Some fights in low-level chambers can be created by yourself but for larger chambers you’ll need other players. Because enemies tend to attack weaknesses based on the profession you hold (Auror Magizoologist,, or Professor) it is best to fight in a team that is balanced. In all cases, you should have an Magizoologist on your side, since they is able to assist his fellow teammates. Additionally every profession has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

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Since you are able to see your enemies prior to fighting them, you can prepare your strategy prior to the time.

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