Tip Fortnite Fortbyte 21 (Season 9): Here It Is Hidden!

Click to open the Fortnite map to see an even larger version. If you’re a pro around Fortnite, you know where to locate Fortnite Fortbyte 21. That’s right, Fortnite Fortbyte 21 can be found hidden inside the massive metal llama in the northwest region of the Fortnite map.

If you happen to see Junk Junction while you’re in search of Fortnite Fortbyte 21, just look to the north: you’ll see the gigantic llama inside of it; Fortnite Fortbyte 21 is waiting for you. When you collect Fortnite Fortbyte 21, the game will save, and it won’t matter if you’ve completed the game or not. Below, you can see the place to collect Fortnite Fortbyte 21 is shown to you in full detail:

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