Tip Fire Emblem: Three Houses Lesson: How to use it optimally!

Every week, you need to make plans for your lessons for the next days at the desk of the teacher on Fire Emblem. Without motivation the game will fail. Only those who are motivated to improve their abilities during one-on-one classes. Sometimes, they do make mistakes when they are learning. It is based on the personality of the individual the mistake can help improve the quality of your relation by encouraging or criticism him for his mistakes. If they show excellent behavior throughout the class, you can be awed by themand gain an incentive point.

Although the best option is to visit the monastery each whenever you have the chance It is also advisable to occasionally make use of the rest option. This is not just repairing your Sword of the Creator which saves valuable resources, but it also boosts the level of motivation for every unit. This lets you teach your students several times in each lesson. You can tell how enthusiastic an individual is through their blue bar along with the smiley icon in the upper right-hand corner. However, while you can boost motivation when fighting and by engaging in monastic activities, full recovery is only possible through rest.

Verify characters classes and establish goals

To instruct efficiently, and to teach as effectively as you can it is important to consider at an early stage the classes of characters to assign your students to. It’s worthwhile to look at the upper levels and Ultima classes at the beginning to figure out what skills are required. They usually require not only two not three, but at least 3 Skills.

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Therefore, you must designate your units objectives in the menu for class which cover these two abilities and, ideally, be working towards classes which are moving towards higher levels. They are most effective when they are developed by using them in combat, and at the conclusion of class.

Examples: Your unit is a mage , and must evolve into a dark knight mounted at the top level . The best way to achieve this is to do it via the cavalier, ensuring that his lance and riding skills that are necessary for this progress. In the short term, however this unit cannot utilize dark magic and the ability Reason cannot be immediately improved, but is still required to be a dark mage. Don’t set the objectives of your unit on Riding and Lance until the attain the required rank, and then shift to Reason. Instead, while there are two skills being taught You should also build the third skill by completing groups, classes and even seminars even if it does not serve the group. This is the fastest method of advancing to the next stage.

Additional tips and tricks for Three Houses in Fire Emblem

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