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In addition, when playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses in permadeath mode, you’ll need to be ready to face any adversary to ensure that you don’t lose your troops for the rest of time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to assign your squad members to different classes proportionately. If you take on the course, you earn experience in the class. After you’ve learned an area, you’ll be granted bonuses for specific abilities. What combat roles are most suitable for which purposes? You will be able to understand this below (prizes are not yet complete):

Primor stage (level five or more)

Myrmidone skilled with swords. It is known for its quick moves and maneuvers that are evasive. Bonus to skill experience Sword +

Soldier skilled in using the lance. Hits the adversary with precision.

Combatant: Experienced in using the bow, ax, and armored hand. The name is associated with strong attacks. Skills experience bonus Axe +2, Bow + Fist +1.

Monk Make use of magic to fight and heal: May make use of magic. Bonus to skill experience: Reason +2, Faith +1

Intermediate (level 10 or more)

Lord The noblest leader. Great command of the sword and has immense power.

Sodner Do the heavy lifting. Strong and quick. Skills experience bonus sword +2, ax +1.

Thief Expertise at picking lock. Speed and agility are high. Skills experience bonus bow +2 sword +1.

Knight Guards frontline and defends others. He is a strong defense.

Cavalier fights from horseback, and is able to move back after an action in combat. Bonus to skill experience Sword +2 and Lance +2. Ride +2

Bandit Combats extremely valiantly using an Axe. An ax-wielding fighter that is more effective at the front. Experience bonus for skill Axe +2, Feist +2

Shot: Expertly using the bow. High luck and excellent agility. Experience bonus for Skill: Sword +1, Bow +2

Fistfighter It can land nimble blows with armour-clad hands. Bonus to skill experience Axe +2 Fist +2.

Mage: Uses black magic. Very effective against enemies with physical defense. Bonus to experience Reason +2, Faith +2

Dark Mage: Uses dark magic. Effective against enemies who have a physical defense.

Priest Makes use of white magic to heal and attack. Bonus to experience in skill Reason +2, Faith +2

Pegasus Knight Knight that flies around on the back of a pegasus. The Knight is strong against magic; however, weak against arrows. Can move again after combat action.

Higher stage (level of 20 or more)

Hero Superb in battle. Excellent strength and speed

Swordmaster Mastered the skill of sword. He strikes with swift ease. Bonus for skill experience Sword +3

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Assasin: A deadly shadow. Amazing quickness and agility. Experience bonus: Sword +3, Bow +2

Fortress Knight: Armed force that helps protect others. It has high defense and low speed. Bonus for experience The Lance +3 Axe +3, Armor +3

Right Knight: An excellent knight. Strength and defense are high and resistance. Removable following a combat move. Bonus experience for skill Sword +2 Lance +3 and Ride +3.

Wyvern Knight: Flys on the back of a Wyvern. The Wyvern Knight has high stats but is ineffective against bows and magic. Removable following a combat move. Experience bonus for skills Axe +3 and Flying +3.

Warrior A versatile fighter with strong health and unmatched strength.

Sharpshooter Expert at bowing. With a high level of agility, the Sharpshooter can strike opponents, even from far distances. Bonus for experiencing three bows

Wrestler: Masterful at pugilism. He smacks opponents down with a flurry of punches. Bonus to skill experience 3 points for the Fist

Wizard Expertise in powerful magic. It is strong against enemies with high physical defense. Bonus for experience in skill: Reason +3, Faith +2

Bishop Healer as well as attacker. Spearheads on white magic. Skills experience bonus Recall +2, Faith +3

“War Master: Masterful with an Axe and in combat. The war master crushes enemies with a mighty force. Bonus for skill experience Axe +3, Fist +3

Level Ultima (level 30-plus)

Wyvernlord: Experienced knight riding the Wyvern. Strong stats; however, he is not strong against bows or magic. Can move again after attacking.

Dead Priest A masterful magician and sword.

arc Knight: Heavily armored horseman with high Defense. It can move after combat.

Archer Knight: A skilled archer on horseback.

Dark Knight: Knight who is adept at black magic. The Knight can be moved once again following action in combat. Experience bonus for skills 3: Recall +3, Lance +3 Riding +3

Saint Knight A Knight who is skilled at white magic. It can move following combat.

“War Master: Masterful with the blade and also in fist fights. The war master can crush opponents with a mighty force. Experience bonus for skills Axe +3, Feist +3

Falcon Knight: Knight is a friend of the pegasus with horns. It is powerful against magic and bows but not so strong against magic. Removable following an attack.

Gremory Expert in all types of magic. Highly effective against enemies with good physical defense. Experience bonus for skill Remaining +3, Faith +3

Basic and Special Classes:

Citizen one of Fodlan’s numerous civic residents. It could use a bit of magic. Experience bonus None

NobleLeader of a noble family. Many descend from the elite ten warriors. They can benefit from a bit of magic. Bonus for experience in the field is: None

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Wyvern Master The Wyvern Master commands from above from the back of the Wyvern. It can move back after combat action. Bonus skill experience Bow +3, Authority +3, Flying +3

Inspiring: A holy being, blessed by goddesses. Has high general stats. Bonuses for skill experience include: Fist +3, Sword +2 Faith + 3, Authority +3

dancer You can get this when your selected character is the winner of the Dance Ball competition. Only accessible to the person! It gives energy to allies by dancing to draw again. I can use magic. Bonus experience in skill Sword +2, Authority +2.

Steppe FlyerArcher, who rides the back of a Wyvern in the tradition of Almyra. Removable after combat. Bonus to skill experience Bow +3 Authority +3, flying +3


How can I obtain seals?

A specific seal is required to allow you to change to a higher or different character class. In addition to the traditional seals for levels, there’s also the dark Seal which you can get through beating The Knight of Death. With this seal, you can transform a character to the class of dark Mage. The other seals are bought through the missions or in the market.

After you’ve completed the second task, “The hidden store”, Anna will often appear at the market. You can also buy Ultima seals from Anna.

Modify the class

If you choose ” Exam” in the daily schedule, you may change your character to a new class as long as you’ve got the certification of the appropriate degree and your unit meets the specifications. Once you’ve enrolled in multiple classes in one unit, you’ll be able to switch between classes at any point when you select a person from the list of characters and select “Switch Class.”

To be elevated to a new class, the person must be at the required level in three-to-one skills. If the requirement is met, the previously red font is changed to black. The likelihood that you will be able to pass the test is displayed in percentage. To avoid the waste of seals, you must be patient until you have reached 100% this time; however, it’s also possible to get a lower percentage with a bit of luck.

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